American and Latino Cultures in Media and Society

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There are many ways to learn about different cultures and use this knowledge to understand human behaviors, reasons for prejudice, and social expectations. However, the media remains one of the most frequent and real sources of easy-to-finding and employable information. Nowadays, in the United States, representatives of different cultures live and work together. Communication has to be organized on mutual trust and understanding of needs. Therefore, the more people can learn about each other, the better results they can achieve, developing different types of relationships.

Still, cultural representation of communities in the media may be biased because of the existing stereotypes and values. For example, there are many movies and online articles that aim to depict how Latinos have to live in the United States. It is necessary to admit that Latinos are one of the fastest-growing population groups in America. This growth has a considerable impact on different aspects of American society. Therefore, it is necessary and interesting to compare the results of Latinos’ representation in the media and real life and understand the role of stereotypes and other factors in this type of assessment.

It is also important to identify the relation between American and Latino cultures. For a long period of time, the thought that Latino media was built on multiple transnational processes was supported. Today, the importation and translation of ideas between American and Latino nations have gained certain improvements. Therefore, regarding the fact that modern society cannot stop using media sources, the impact of Americanization of Latino culture in the United States, as well as stereotypes, values, and cultural changes, has to be investigated through the prism of the media.