The Comparison of Rural and Urban Counties in the USA

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It is sometimes difficult to understand how people put up with the hassles of city life. The common denominator in most urban centers is pollution; overcrowding; stress; high cost of living; high crime rate; and never having enough time to spend with loved ones. In urban centers people work so hard and yet they are merely scraping by, surviving from paycheck to paycheck. As a result, city, folks who grew up in the rural areas look back with longing to the place where they spent their childhood – where life is simpler and happier.

For those who want to live long and healthy, there is no other place to be than in the rural counties. The fresh air, the wide-open spaces, the vegetation, the friendly neighborhood, are more than enough to entice urban dwellers to go back and live in the rural areas. There is no need to mention that aside from the health benefits the low crime rate in these areas makes it an ideal place to start a family. Moreover, life is slower here; there is enough time to reflect, meditate, or simply revisit hobbies that were forgotten after a few decades of surviving the rat race in the city. There is growing movement to encourage city folks to go back and live in the countryside.

While city dwellers would like to live in a more rustic setting, people in the rural areas would like to take their place and live in the cities. For these people, “Cities represented a style of living, a level of cultural advancement and intellectual stimulation, and concentration of recreational and social resources…”. The result is rather unfortunate, the best and the brightest from the rural areas are migrating to the cities. While city folks on the other hand found an acceptable compromise by living in the outer fringes of cities and rapidly transforming farmlands into suburbs.