What Are the Most Famous Film Versions of Pride & Prejudice?

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Jane Austen wrote the novel in the far 1812. The famous story inspired filmmakers to create their own screen adaptations. There are many film versions, with the most famous ones of 2005, 1995 and 1980 years.

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The 1980-year version presents Jane Austin’s novel in a mini-series. A common opinion is that adaptations seldom reflect the original perfectly. This exact movie tends to be strikingly close to the book. Exciting fact: outfits and hairstyles are not regular Victorian ones there. They reflect both 80s fashion and that of the 19th century! This mix creates an incredible picture.

The picture of the 2005 year appears to be the latest adaptation. It’s the reason why it is the most popular among the rest. The version is adjusted to modern tendencies and grasp. Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen attract a broader audience. It’s young people to whom this movie is their first acquaintance with Jane Austen. Also, the production and soundtrack are impressive and make the viewers admire. However, the adaptation contains significant mismatches with the original.

BBC’s version, released in 1995, conveys the plot according to Jane Austin’s writing. Colin Firth’s performance as Darcy is iconic even now. Jennifer Ehle’s acting Elizabeth also made a perfect picture. The actors’ duet has seized the hearts of many viewers around the world. We can undoubtedly put this one on top of the list.