What Is the Theme of The Yellow Wallpaper?

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Charlotte Perkins Gilman discussed the theme of the position of women in society. It was especially relevant in the past. Females had few rights and freedom compared with males having complete control over them. Sadly, the theme is still significant in the 21st century. Women constantly face both direct and indirect discrimination worldwide.

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The main character of The Yellow Wallpaper is a woman who narrates her dramatic story. She feels depressed after giving birth to her child. As her husband is a doctor, he decides to treat the woman himself. She obeys her husband and behaves according to the usual standards. Even though it is unreasonable, the narrator cannot do anything about it. She has neither rights nor freedom to express herself without being judged by the public. The woman keeps a secret diary sharing her thoughts and emotions, but it is not enough. She writes, “But I must say what I feel and think in some way – it is such a relief!” Unluckily, her secret journal is her only way to achieve self-expression. Thus, she gets insane.

Further, her husband has complete control over her, and the woman’s words are worth nothing compared with his. She notes, “If one’s own husband, assures friends and relatives that there is really nothing the matter with one – what is one to do?” Charlotte Perkins Gilman demonstrated an unreasonable attitude towards women’s rights. She showed that it may lead to adverse fallout. The narrator of The Yellow Wallpaper shares her thoughts and emotions, but they play no role. The woman severely suffers, and nobody can see it. The author proved that the secondary position of women in society is irrational.