What did Darcy’s proposal in Pride & Prejudice look like?

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“Pride and Prejudice” reveals the connection between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. He first proposes to Elizabeth when she is in the Hunsford Parsonage. The girl rejects Darcy because he seems too arrogant to her. Besides, he insults her family. This refusal facilitates Darcy’s character development. His second proposal is more humble and consistent.

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Darcy’s first marriage proposal comes as a surprise to Elizabeth. Their relationship used to be one of mutual antipathy before that. On the one hand, Darcy’s love confession touches Elisabeth’s heart. At the same time, she feels insulted and hurt. Darcy insinuates that her family’s social status is an obstacle. There’s one more reason for Elizabeth to decline his proposal. She assumes that Darcy interfered in her relatives’ lives. The young lady’s following claim is that he is unlovable.

This unsuccessful proposal serves as a climax of the narrative. The fail encouraged both characters for mental growth. At this point, we observe Darcy’s selfishness and arrogance. Elizabeth’s tendency to judge appears on the surface as well. Two young people start to see how complex the relations can be. Darcy feels defeated. He didn’t expect to get the rejection. This scene is a dramatic clash that induces self-reflection. Darcy confesses to his love in the 34th chapter of the novel. Only in the 58th chapter, Darcy makes the second attempt. He acts differently this time. The young noble has been humbled. The fail taught him to be less self-important and more caring. These notable changes allow him to win over Elizabeth.