Hamlet’s Revenge Delay Causes

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While Hamlet is still mourning the death of his father, he realizes that King Claudius killed him. Moreover, his mother has betrayed both his late father and him. Therefore, loaded with all these troubles, he is unable to make the right decisions thus, delaying his plans to revenge the father’s death. When he gets the chance to kill King Claudius, he retrieves. He asserts that God will forgive his sins because he was in prayers during that time. Intuitively, is that a valid reason for holding him back? According to Christian teachings, God can forgive anybody despite the place. Analytically, Hamlet is both philosophical and contemplative. He is unable to handle both the social and political problems in the family. In addition, he declines to seek help from counseling or guidance from the senior people about his discovery. Therefore, armed with both philosophical and outrageous hatred, he is unable to make the right decisions.

On the other hand, he was seeking the best opportunity to incriminate his uncle. Filled with justice, he is unable to kill the man without providing proves that he murdered the late king. However, during the battle with Laertes, he quickly murders Claudius because of his wickedness. Claudius had just poisoned Gertrude, who is Hamlet’s mother. Furthermore, he had poisoned the sword to make sure that Hamlet dies.

In comparison with Claudius, Hamlet seems to promote justice in society. Besides revenging the death of his father, he also condemns immorality in society. He is against his mother’s decision to remarry. On the other hand, he makes haste decisions, which are fateful. Due to his rash decision, at least five people die, including him. Nevertheless, when compared to Claudius, Hamlet is a philosophical, straightforward, and contemplative leader, while Claudius is a rational man. Finally, Horatio gives Hamlet a befitting burial mainly because of his outright fight for the reformation in the kingdom of Denmark.