History of the Development of the American Constitution

Hobbes and Locke

The Constitution of the United States is often considered as the ultimate law of the country and it provides a detailed framework for the connection of the Federal government to the states and the public to the United States. “American constitution has established on seventeen September 1787” (Bruns, 1986).

The constitution of the United States of America has accepted the supreme rule of the United States. It is a one of the good and rigid legal authority basically gives the existence of the United States of America and the central government of the united state. And this written constitution offers a suitable structure for the organization of the United States government. The constitution besides gives the structure for the relationship of the federal government to the states. One sees that the American constitution has kept a healthy relationship with the federal government to citizens, each and everyone within the United States of America. American constitution has important three branches of government, a legislature, an executive and a judiciary. An executive branch of government is handed and guide by a president. President is the head of government and chief political representative of the United States of America. He is taking decisions and gives good instruction to citizens. He shall hold his office throughout the four years.

The Supreme Court is the head of the judicial branch of the government in the American constitution. The judges take appropriate decisions and solve the people’s problems. The constitution has a bill of rights, it is the first ten amendments of the constitution. The first amendment points out that the freedom of religion. The second amendment is the right to bear arms. Amendments one to twenty-seven explain different rights. The fourteenth amendment of the American constitution contains the rights of citizenship.

Thomas Hobbes’s political philosophy has greatly influenced the drafting of the American constitution and all other western administrative ideals. He thought that a government is representing the people so it should work for their existence. At the same time, a government must become a strong one with vast powers because a powerless and weaker government will be failed to fulfill its function. Framers of the US constitution accepted this concept of Hobbes with a democratic political system and a powerful executive head, the President. John Locke’s ideas about government also inspired makers of the constitution of U S A. He argued that powers of the government must be limited with restrictions, it recognized by the American constitution. The method of Checks and Balances introduced through the constitution presented powerful but restricted democratic institutions in the USA Famous philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke is influenced the American constitution. The constitutions’ foundation and its principles are derived from the views of the philosophers Thomas Hobbs and John Locke. Government helps to protect the people and to prevent social anarchy. Thomas Hobbs believes that the monarchy was a suitable solution to the revolution. Thomas Hobbs points out that a state is a large person; all parts of the state are similar to the human body. Hobbes’s theories illustrate all men are fundamentally equal John Locke’s explanation is all people are born free and equal and he says that government is a social contract with limited power. John locks believe the people have natural rights. All peoples must have the right to life, right to freedom and right to liberty and right to liberty. The American constitution is giving the perfect life facilities of people. The philosophers establish the problem-free constitution in America. The American constitution provides all rights to American citizens. Thomas Hobbs points out that all are equal in the world.

Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists

After the independence of thirteen colonies, there originated a debate concerned with the future structure of the existence of the people in America. Framers of the US constitution had contrary opinions on this issue; colonies also expressed their views related to making new rules. A federal structure was necessary due to the presence of more states for this system of central and state governments recognized. But the division of powers was a difficult problem before the newly originated state. We can understand it from the following words of Hamilton, one of the great framers of the American constitution. “The subject speaks its own importance; comprehending in its consequences nothing less than the existence of the UNION” (General introduction for the independent journal Hamilton, 2008, para.1). Hamilton argued for a strong federal government for the well-being of the people in all states. Another group demanded vast powers to enjoy the independence of the people and states. Madison demanded a nation with all characters of a confederation in which federal units are like sovereign countries.

One can see that Madison suggested every state has power. These states use this power in different ways. The state provides a good quality of life for people and it also gives the freedom and assets of the public. Furthermore, the power of the state keeps the progress and wealth of the state and so on. This is the opinion to establish only a loose assemblage between the federal and units which aimed wide powers to the states. But, to become a strong and self-sufficient nation federal structure is suitable, that truth was revealed after a century of U S A. Jay like Hamilton opinioned on the need for a powerful national government. All the views were recognized when the time of framing the U S constitution though Anti-federalists won to ratify their opinion.

Articles of Confederation

Articles of Confederation are often logically considered as a connecting tool between the Declaration of Independence which itemized people’s unchallengeable rights and the Constitution, which provide the fortification of the nation’s laws. The thirteen State Legislatures in The United States have their own constitutions and they have followed their own way of administration. Therefore, Articles of Confederation have constituted a number of deficiencies. One of the most significant problems is that the Confederation Document is failed to afford an executive branch, a national judiciary board, and regulating commerce. Taxation procedures have questioned the acceptability of Confederation Documents. The conflict between state policies has constituted problems and these issues prevented foreign affairs and investments. The absence of a national executive is another vital disadvantage of the Confederation Document. The Document lacks federal dominion over the thirteen states Legislation. Analyzing the Confederation Document one can find the fact that the document is failed to explain representation and separation of powers. The existing Confederation Document has no practical force to enforce its laws and the Federal government has failed to practice their power to require compliance or the power to use force against state governments. It is also a part of common knowledge is that Confederation Document does not provide any information about mutual understanding or assurance of the State governments.


To conclude, Hobbes and Locke have prominent status in the process of making the American Constitution. Confederation Document acts as the role of a bridge between the Constitution and the citizen.


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