Ho Chi Minh’s Life Before The August Revolution in Vietnam

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Ho Chi Mihn was named Nguyen Sihn Cuong when he was born. However, he acquired many other names later in life, such as Nguyen Ai Quoc, Bac Ho, Bac, and Nguyen Tat Thanh. He received his education from one of the most prestigious schools at the time, although he did not complete his education. Mihn was a schoolmaster before he changed to become a cook, a photo retoucher, waiter, and oven stocker at different times in life. Ho Chi Mihn showed his leadership abilities at a young age; this prepared him politically.

Working in France and on a French steamer, Ho Chi Mihn was involved in different activities, which prepared him as a leader. Mihn became a socialist in France under the name Nguyen Ai Quoc and organized a Vietnamese group that wrestled alongside him to ensure non-Vietnamese were defeated. Again, he addressed an eight-point petition which stated the French granted the Indochinese equal rights with the rulers. He withdrew from the Socialist Party and joined the communist party in 1920. In 1923 he moved to Moscow and took an active part in the Fifth Congress of the Communist International (CCI).

Later on, Ho Chi Mihn went to Guangzhou under the name Ly Thuy and recruited the first cadres for the Vietnamese national movement. In 1929, he formed the Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP), which coincided with the French repression. He was arrested but escaped to Moscow, where he lived until 1938. Ho Chi Mihn migrated to China in 1938 and worked for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as an advisor. He moved back to Vietnam in 1941 and fought against both French and Japanese forces. Mihn was arrested in 1942; however, when he was later freed, he helped organize the August Revolution In 1945.