Human Rights Defenders’ Challenges in Modern Society

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Despite the focus on the cultivation of humanistic values, modern society still faces multiple problems related to human rights infringement. People in various regions suffer from the violation of their freedoms. In many cases, their rights to freedom, liberty, and security are violated. Numerous advocates and defenders try to improve the situation, but these actors often face barriers and challenges deteriorating their work. Many of them are subjected to a violation of their rights because of the existing environment and the absence of the legal basis for their protection in some states.

Additionally, there are some problems regarding the correct identification and classification of these cases to analyze and solve. It means that fact-finding and report writing guidelines, also known as Lund-London guidelines, can help to improve the situation significantly. These recommendations can increase the effectiveness of defenders and provide them with mechanisms of protection.

Nevertheless, it should be said that the situation is improved by the involvement of many United Nations officials who also show their concerns regarding the issue. The discussion at the international level resulted in the increased public attention to many topical problems and their resolution using resources available to this organization. At the same time, the growing importance of media in the modern world means that it is also often used by human rights defenders with the primary aim to inform society about the existing rude violations and mobilize shame to criticize some undesired situation, collected needed resources, and eliminate the barrier. Furthermore, the work of human rights lawyers is another important aspect promoting positive change and overall improvement. Attorneys’ engagement in situations presupposing human rights infringement helps to inform participants about their opportunities and to struggle. Unfortunately, there is still a high risk of negative consequences of particular campaigns because of the lack of governmental support of dangerous character of some regions. Still, there are multiple activities aimed at the reconsideration of this situation.