Illegal Immigration in the United States

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The problem of illegal immigration is one of the most vital ones for American society. Thousands of people who try to cross the border are detained and deported out of the country without any chance to go back. This problem is complex and has many reasons, and there are two main points of view on this issue. Some people consider that the way to solve this problem is to tighten border security. However, this is only one side of the problem, which demands a multilateral decision.

On the one hand, the problem of the increased number of illegal immigrants is related to the lack of opportunity for people to migrate legally. They wait in line for years, being separated from their families, trying to escape from the bad economic and criminal situation in their homelands. Thus, from the point of view of immigrants, giving more opportunities to them is the way to reduce illegal immigration and to increase the legal one. From the point of view of the U.S. people, however, immigrants sometimes become a threat to national security and affect the criminal situation in the country.

To my mind, immigration should be based on the principle of assimilation, and if a person wants to move to the U.S., they should become an American and acquire American culture and values. Tightening the border security can be efficient to some extent, but there are still some ways to escape the rules illegally, which can create a shadow market based on nepotism and bribes. But if the immigrants will be better taught the U.S. culture, they would have more chances to become an important part of American society. Thus, the problem of immigration should be solved from different sides, as it has multilateral reasons.