Impact of Technology on Society and Various Fields

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Currently, technology has dominated most sectors of the economy such that operations can’t take place without its involvement. Due to this abrupt growth of technology, there has been an imbalance between everyday life activities, resulting in positive and negative outcomes. The advantages of technology are numerous to society because of its wider growth. Despite technology’s positive sides, there is also negativity associated with it. Various social problems and economic and political problems have been aided by technological advancement within society. The paper focuses on the positive and negative outcomes of technology to the current society.

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Starting with the positive impacts of technology, society has benefited a lot from the growth of technology. Firstly, the education sector has dramatically improved through Computer-Aided Learning (CAL) and Computer-Aided Instructions (CAI). Virtual learning has been enhanced as networking has enhanced communication between students and teachers in an online environment. With CAL, students learning is enhanced by computer-based programs used to teach students (Kapoor 4). CAI is computer-based instructions that guide students when performing specific tasks such as biology and chemistry practicals. The benefits of technology in the education sector can be seen in the recent COVID-19 pandemic, where classroom learning was not applicable because of the COVID-19 measures and requirements. Students utilized virtual learning to achieve educational goals, which could have been impossible without technology integration in the education sector. Furthermore, applications such as Word processors, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations significantly impact the performance of education sectors as students utilize the resources to accomplish tasks, assignments, and projects.

Secondly, technology has improved the medical field in diverse ways. It has a significant role in patient management and care. Previously, records were kept manually, which was very prone to catastrophic medical diagnosis and treatment errors. With the innovation of computer databases, health records can be kept in a paperless form consuming less space and reducing errors (Fernández-Portillo et al. 3). Statistics have proven that health records have reduced nursing mistakes, improving patient care. Several systems have been designed to help the medical sector manage patients’ information and records. These computer systems include electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR). The two systems have formed a backbone of patient care within healthcare facilities as diagnosis and treatment have been made easy with minimal errors. These systems have enhanced patients’ medical history through record-keeping (Fernández-Portillo et al. 3). Furthermore, other medical sectors such as the radiography and laboratory sections have been equipped with computerized systems that allow easy data collection, analysis, and data flow within the departments.

Thirdly, technology has also improved the agricultural sector by developing new farming technologies. Food is a basic need that every human is entitled to; technology has created simple ways to produce enormous output (Kapoor 6). Several technological techniques enhance agricultural production, such as soil sample analysis, weather prediction, and advanced farming machinery (Kapoor 6). These activities are crucial to the farmers as they maximize their output minimizing the costs. Pesticide spraying technology, such as using drones to spray several acres of land, has lowered manual labor costs.

Fourthly, technology has also brought a significant change in today’s business world. It has advanced such that programmers have developed applications to support major businesses such as Amazon, Walmart, and Alibaba. Buying and selling goods and services globally has been made efficient as it only involves the internet and program applications. Various analytic tools analyze market trends and statistics, making it easy for sellers to identify the target group and the required production to minimize losses (Kapoor 6). The marketing of products has been enhanced through social media platforms. People can market their products online through various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at a cheaper cost when compared to traditional marketing methods (Fernández-Portillo et al. 4). Besides marketing, technology has favored business platforms such as online and mobile banking. Transaction of funds in an online world has been secure without involving third parties. Currently, goods are ordered online and paid for without involving physical transactions.

Fifthly, technology has created many job positions within society. Many sectors still require innovation, and specialists such as programmers, data analysts, web designers, database managers, and system administrators have been employed (Kapoor 7). Despite technology replacing numerous job positions, new opportunities are always present within these sectors. This is because technology keeps on evolving, and through evolution, new skills and ideas bring the need for new positions (Fernández-Portillo et al. 7). For example, social media was mainly focused on uniting people worldwide, but many job positions have resulted from the creation of social media sites. For instance, many content creators globally earn by creating content to entertain or educate people using these platforms.

Lastly, technology has significantly enhanced the security of people all over the world. Currently, there are security systems in almost every building, parking, and road. These security systems include closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), computerized gate systems, and biometric burglar-proof. Many people depend on these systems for their security as everyone cannot employ a guard (Kapoor 8). Security systems are significant in banking, home, and business areas. The security safes protect valuable materials prone to heists, such as money and other precious materials like gold and diamond.

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On the other hand, various negative outcomes have manifested with technological advancements. Firstly, technology has significantly promoted immorality among the youths in society. This has resulted from various internet sites that stream dirty video content such as pornography (Mishra 3). Pornography hurts the youths as most engage in risky sexual behaviors. The youth tend to practice whatever they learned from those sites, resulting in increased cases of sexual harassment. Pornography is addictive, and its outcome affects society’s moral values.

Secondly, technology has enhanced job displacement among many people in society. Many positions are currently occupied by machines and computers in many organizations and industries. Currently, bank tellers are losing jobs because of mobile and internet banking (Wilburn and Wilburn 25). One person now manages several people’s positions by implementing several program codes. Industries like manufacturing have replaced most workers with robots because they operate tirelessly without requiring a wage. The machinery requires servicing and program upgrades to keep them in operation. Many people have been displaced, leading to a gap expansion between the poor and rich.

Thirdly, technology has increased violence among groups of people in society. Social media sites have been an agent of spreading gender-based violence where certain groups are exposed to mockery. There have been several cases where gender-based violence has resulted in suicidal cases through social media sites (Wilburn and Wilburn 27). Many online users are exposed to violence because of a lack of oversight to prevent such activities from occurring.

Fourthly, technology has enhanced the creation of weapons of mass destruction in the name of power. This can be attributed to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki through the use of the atomic bomb, which led to the death of many people in Japan. Furthermore, terrorism has dramatically expanded through the dark web as groups of people purchase weapons used to kill and torture innocent people in the name of salvation (Wilburn and Wilburn 29). Through technological expansions, terrorist groups can perform their attacks from any part of the world, thereby undermining the security rights of many people.

In conclusion, technology has resulted in both positive and negative outcomes in society. On the positive side, technology has enhanced the education sector by developing programs such as CAL and CAI that help learners. The medical field has been favored by the introduction of EMR and EHR to help clinicians manage patients’ records. Various machinery and technological practices such as drone spraying have enhanced productivity in agriculture. Many businesses have benefitted from the introduction of technology through easy marketing ways, online banking, and the elimination of trade barriers. Many people have benefited through job creation; these groups include content creators, programmers, and data analysts. It has also enhanced security measures through the introduction of computerized security systems. However, technology has resulted in several negative factors, such as pornography which leads to immorality. Many people have lost their jobs through technology and have been replaced with machinery. Gender-based violence and terrorism have also expanded, leading to the loss of lives through suicide and bombing.

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