Interactivity: COVID Science Spotlight at the Exploratorium

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From a personal perspective, I would be keen to rate the overall interactivity of this exhibit fairly. Specifically, a rating of 4 would be appropriate since it succeeds in presenting a number of features and sections that resonate with the demands of any given visitor. The designers have also relied on the use of proper images and pictorials that make the site more interactive. However, the move to increase the size of the photos and include reading assistance for persons with different forms of disability could make it more attractive and reliable to different users.

Several recommendations would be appropriate to ensure that the owner of this cultural institution improves its interactivity. First, it would be necessary for the developers to consider the move to make the webpage free and accessible even to those who do not have active Internet connections. Additionally, the organization could consider some of the lessons regarding the nature of covid-19 and the best ways to maximize safety. Second, the use of additional tools and bigger fonts could make the online experience more friendly and reliable to different users. Third, the institution could redesign the online exhibit in such a way that it would be available from handheld devices. Such initiatives will improve the overall level of interactivity and allow more people to record positive experiences.

From the nature of these three recommendations, it is agreeable that this platform will be able to attract more users from different parts of the world. The move will also allow more individuals to consider the best ways to complete some of the tasks or practices and get the intended message. Additionally, such recommendations will allow more people to remain part of the online experience and engage in practices that can help overcome the challenges of the ongoing Covid-19 global pandemic.