“Last Chance for Man’s Best Friends” Organization’s Needs

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The Organization and Its Mission

The organization “Last Chance for Man’s Best Friends” aims to meet the problems of unwanted old dogs that need homes and that can further provide care to people in nursing homes and those who are hospitalized. Thus, the project will serve both dogs and people who lack emotional support through training the former to communicate with the latter. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide emotional support for old and unwanted dogs and for patients staying in nursing homes and in hospitals who have no one to visit them.

The services will be based in the State of New York, so we will have several departments. The organization’s activities will include searching for dogs that are considered too old for adoption, providing them with an adaptation period, training them to be emotionally supportive, and taking them to hospitals and nursing homes.

The Description of the Problem

The major problem that the organization is striving to solve is the lack of emotional support for people staying in nursing homes and who may be hospitalized. Another issue, closely associated with the first, is the need for shelter and appropriate care for unwanted old dogs. Finding a solution to these problems is highly significant since a lack of social support may result in such adverse outcomes as depression and loneliness (Liu et al. 750).

However, people are not the only ones who need good care and positive communication. Animals that have been a part of a family but are no longer wanted require appropriate help, too. Thus, “Last Chance for Man’s Best Friends” hopes to accomplish a combined goal: enhancing the emotional state of people in nursing homes and hospitals and providing a chance for dogs to enjoy peaceful and happy final years of life.

The number of dogs and other pets varies among U.S. states. According to 2012 statistics, New York is among those states with the fewest pet-owning and dog-owning households: 50.6% and 29%, respectively (“The U.S. States with the Most and Fewest Pet Owners”). However, the City of New York boasts different statistics: according to data provided by the Economic Development Corporation, every seventh household in the city has at least one dog (“New York City’s Dog Population”). In general, these numbers indicate that the citizens of New York City and State are dog-lovers. Unfortunately, these data also imply that the area has many unwanted old dogs. Thus, the project “Last Chance for Man’s Best Friends” can serve to solve the problem of these abandoned animals while simultaneously helping people who are staying in nursing homes.

Organizations Providing Similar Services

Various companies offer services that are similar to those planned by “Last Chance for Man’s Best Friends.” First, it is necessary to discuss the availability and activity of nursing homes in the State of New York. According to “NYS Nursing Home Profiles,” the state has many facilities, and these offer a range of options for their clients such as quality of life, safety, high-quality care, preventive care, and more. On the official website of the state’s Department of Health, users can obtain information about nursing homes and even compare their features to help them to select the most suitable site. Thus, it is possible to conclude that many options are available for people staying in nursing homes.

Another sphere requiring research and investigation has focused on dog shelters and programs. The state has different organizations that deal with rescuing animals and offering to look after old dogs if their owners cannot take care of them any longer. One firm even has a name similar to that of the current project: “Last Chance Animal Rescue.” This non-profit organization saves dogs and cats that would otherwise be killed (Last Chance Animal Rescue).

For its funding, the company relies on donations from charitable organizations and individual benefactors. The organization has successfully operated for ten years, and one of its functions is the task of finding new homes for animals. Another project with a similar mission that is located in the State of New York is “Silver Streak Kennels.” This organization focuses its services exclusively on old dogs (Silver Streak Kennels). At “Silver Streak Kennels,” dog owners are promised that their pets will receive good care and will feel happy. These two kinds of organizations are in line with the mission of the project, which has the dual purpose of providing emotional support for people in nursing homes and offering care to old dogs.

The Gap in Available Services

Despite the generally beneficial objectives of the mentioned organizations, they lack aspects of the mission that “Last Chance for Man’s Best Friends” aims to pursue. Namely, current services offered in the state’s nursing homes and dog shelters focus only on one purpose each, while the proposed project strives to combine both options. Among the nursing homes in New York State, some allow their clients either to bring pets with them or to spend time with the animals that are housed in the facility (Thomas).

However, not all people have enough energy to provide full-time care for a pet. Also, some individuals may not like cats or other animals that are available in such nursing homes. Meanwhile, specialists acknowledge the advantages of having animals, particularly dogs, visit such patients (Crist). Although these visits also admittedly entail some risks, it is generally acknowledged that both animals and people are happy to communicate with each other in such a way (Crist). Therefore, a major gap that exists in currently available services is the lack of a combination of the two types of functions under consideration.

What the Project Will Do to Address the Need

“Last Chance for Man’s Best Friends” aims to fill the abovementioned gap that exists in the available organizations. First, this project will address the need by interviewing people who are staying in nursing homes and asking how they would feel about spending time with dogs on a regular basis. Second, it will be necessary to contact dog shelters and arrange to adopt old dogs from them with the goal of moving the animals to the organization’s shelter. Third, media announcements will be made, addressed to owners of old dogs, and encouraging them not to have their pets euthanized or otherwise discard them but rather to bring them to the shelter. By fulfilling these functions, the organization will reach its mission and address the outlined need.

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