Wind Energy: Is It Viable or Not?

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Although wind power does have some drawbacks, both minor and more serious ones, I firmly believe that this energy source is viable, and the majority of its disadvantages can be eliminated.

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Wind power is a green energy source, which probably goes first on the list of its advantages. This method of generating electricity does not harm the environment, and although many people argue that the production and installation of wind turbines contribute to global warming, that is nothing in comparison with what fuels do. The second significant advantage is enormous potential and efficiency.

Presently, the global potential of wind energy is approximately 400 TW (Hau 544). As Maehlum writes, the biggest turbines can provide enough electricity for more than six hundred US houses (par. 12). Finally, the nature of wind is such that it is impossible to empty the energy resources (Burton et al. 11).

Admittedly, wind power has its disadvantages. Firstly, it is not constant, which makes it impossible to use without additional energy sources (Burton et al. 11). Secondly, there is a threat to wildlife, specifically birds. Finally, people who live close to wind turbines always complain about the noises they make.

Nevertheless, considering both benefits and drawbacks of the use of wind energy, I am inclined to conclude that it is viable. It has tremendous potential and efficiency, can help to reduce the harmful effects on the environment, and is renewable. The only significant disadvantage is the variability of wind. However, by finding the most promising locations and using additional sources of energy, people can solve this problem.

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