Law of the Jungle in Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”

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There is a great number of different masterpieces of literature in the world. Each of them describes some peculiar phenomenon or event. The majority of books are devoted to human beings and their feelings and emotions. There are, however, some works that are devoted to animals and their touching allegiance to people. Being very popular, this issue has always interested in people. However, there are not many works that manage to combine the description of the life of human beings, animals behavior, and visions of nature, trying to show the authors way of reflecting the real world. One of these works is called The Jungle Book and is written by Rudyard Kipling. Devoted to the description of the life of a human being, the book, though, manages to combine this description with the visions of nature of the jungle and the laws according to which animals live there.

The main character of the story is a boy called Mowgli. The main peculiarity of this boy is the fact that he was raised by wolves and acts according to their code. In a certain period, this fact was taken as ridiculous and impossible. However, boys like Mowgli were found. That is why it is possible to say that Kipling created a very interesting story that could be based on some real facts. Mowgli can understand animals and communicate with them, following the rules accepted in the jungle. All these facts make him a unique character who is very interesting to people.

Having created his story in the form of a tale, Kipling romanticized the life of animals and human beings in the jungle. However, there is one very important aspect of the jungle that the author describes. It is the law according to which animals live. Kipling uses the term the law of the jungle to describe the existing set of codes according to which the community of wolves and other animals is structured. They all should follow it or they will not be able to survive. All rules which are described by this law are wise and created by generations of animals to guarantee their survival. The law of the jungle outlines the main activity of animals, their main food, and relations with other species. However, the Bandar-log does not accept these rules. They can be taken as rebels, who do not want to follow the majority. However, Kipling describes them as a primitive and disorganized tribe that is not able to guarantee its prosperity. Outlining this fact, the author wants to show the great importance of the law and norms which regulate behavior in society.

Being created by Rudyard Kipling, the term the law of the jungle became very popular, though having changed its main meaning. Nowadays, it is widely used in order not to describe some set of codes accepted in society, but to show a special kind of human attitude to the rest of people and his/their role in society. Everyone should take care only of himself/herself and be the strongest to survive incoherent society. This is the meaning of the term which prevails nowadays.

Besides, having read the book, it is impossible to remain indifferent. Having created an interesting and fascinating world, Kipling also introduced the new term which described the existence of animals in the jungle. The term the law of the jungle became the metaphor that is widely used nowadays.