Marijuana Addiction and Legalization in the US

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Recently, the issue of marijuana addiction and the spread of this substance have drawn much attention from specialists and the general public. The problem is that there are different opinions about whether the use of marijuana should be illegal, or if it can be legally used for specific purposes. Some people believe that cannabis should be legalized for recreational use, while others emphasize the possible drug-related health deterioration. The issue is controversial and causes much debate, as it is possible to consider the problem from different perspectives. Many states support legalization of marijuana, since it benefits the economy. On the other hand, other states consider it as a heavy drug, thus oppose the permission for its possession and distribution.

The tendency today is that the states that are mostly controlled by Democrats are in favor of marijuana legalization. They believe it would benefit the economy by creating tax income and increasing tourism (Beck). The Democratic Party in the United States supports the idea that the legalization of marijuana would decrease the level of drug-dealing and would, therefore, improve the criminal rate of individual states and the country in general (Beck). On the other hand, the states where the majority supports the Republican Party oppose this idea (Beck). They present marijuana to be on the same level as heavy drugs, such as cocaine or LSD, which cause addiction and future health problems. However, Republicans do not deny the medical purposes of the cannabis, so it is still available by a prescription.

The legalization of cannabis in individual states can aggravate drug-dealing in the country. People can freely cross the state to buy marijuana where it is legal, and secretly bring it to the home state where it is illegal (Himler). This not only increases the rate of illegal drug dealing but also can potentially harm the economy of the whole country. Moreover, it can have a significant impact on highway safety (Himler). People can travel by highway to the neighboring state where marijuana is legalized and then come back home, possibly creating a dangerous situation on the road. The connection between car accidents and marijuana is inefficient; therefore, it cannot be proved. However, the possibility of such a problem occurring still exists.

On the other hand, democracy allows individual states to pass a law that permits or forbid marijuana. In this case, Congress and federal law do not have much influence, and it lets different states have their own policy (“Pingree Supports Legislation to Protect States That Have Legalized Marijuana Use”). It gives them freedom in choosing the direction of their development, whether they support the position of the Republican Party or Democratic Party in legalizing of marijuana. However, even if states support the legalization of cannabis, they also must implement the policy of its use and storage, the amount an individual can possess, and, most importantly, the rules for distribution (“Pingree Supports Legislation to Protect States That Have Legalized Marijuana Use”). As long as the states follow the federal laws, and citizens support the local law about possession and distribution of marihuana, it would benefit all sides.

The issue of marihuana legalization is a top discussed problem in the United States at this point. Many people, specialists in medicine, economic, and finances also support this idea. However, many conservative people and politicians oppose it and relate it to health problems and addiction. However, it does not stop individual states from passing laws that permit the possession and distribution of the weed to a certain extent. The problem of legalizing marihuana reflects the difference in the policy of Republican and Democratic parties. Although, marijuana has a big influence on the U.S. society, and implementing the law in favor of legalizing cannabis would economically benefit the country, it also can have a negative impact on the community. Therefore, the issue is not expected to be resolved entirely soon, especially in a democratic society like the U.S.

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