MCAT & SAT Instructor: Activity Review

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The basic goal of an NCAT and SAT instructor is to outline and breakdown tests for the students without overwhelming them with the difficulty of the questions nor confusing them when it comes to choosing the correct answer. Part of my duty is to review the various skill tests and problems that will be included in the test lineup. As I do this task, I always insure that the difficult problems and concepts can be either simplified or whittled down into more manageable steps. This strategy of mine has proven to be beneficial to the students who are put at ease and find that they are more motivated to master the intricacies of their exams.

It is never easy to teach students how to master different skills if I am have not been able to master the skills myself. Which is why it is imperative that I present myself as the most authoritative and skilled person when teaching the class. Which is why I worked hard in order to develop my communication skills, insuring that I am always attuned to the individualized needs of the students even as I find that I need to manage the teaching time in relation to certain topics or discussion problems. But being an authority figure in the classroom does not mean that my classes are boring. I believe that students learn the most when they are entertained by what they are being taught. Which is why I make sure that my students do not become frustrated or bored with the learning material by developing alternative, interactive teaching methods. That way, I can transfer my passion for the material onto my students.

As any teacher will probably tell you, the job can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. In my case, it has provided me with varying degrees of professional satisfaction. The most rewarding and satisfying part of the job in my opinion, is seeing how my students become less indifferent and timid during class discussions. I view such changes within my students as a vindication on my part in relation to the effectiveness of my teaching methods.

Dollar Store

A Dollar Store is the modern day equivalent of the dime and cent stores that our parents grew up on. It is an exciting business to engage in because of the way the business relies on bulk or volume sales from individual buyers. Due to the seasonal merchandise being offered by the store, organizing and ordering the merchandise stock often proves to be a difficult task. They key to the sales in this business is improvisation and the ability to make quick and efficient decisions. One has to be able to spot market trends even before it happens.

This family business was the brainchild of my father and I. Even though we had originally started out as a traditional dollar store, the constantly increasing prices of our stock items forced us to stock items amounting to over a dollar as well. Thanks to our excellent track record and repeat customers, our store has managed to survive and become an integral part of our Ridgefield Park community.


As a person who has always had a passion for becoming a participant in the medical field, I highly value my experience as an Emergency Medical Team (EMT) members. For me, my job as a volunteer EMT is truly an eye opening and exciting experience. Nobody can predict what kind of adventure we can have on any given day. We could be having a slow day of no emergencies and the next day be filled with medical emergencies such as a patient with chest pains all the way to a motor vehicle crash. Therefore as an EMT, I am called upon to have a mastery of all the important skills that are required of an EMT.

It is because of these unexpected situations that I find myself on constant training in order to learn the current trends in emergency medical care. I need to know how to execute everything from effectively administering CPR, stabilizing and transporting a patient in various states of injury, and providing emotional support to the patient whenever necessary. It is when I am applying emergency treatments to a patient that I feel the most confident because I know that the minor or semi major medical procedures that I apply on the scene helps to put the patient and their family members at ease.

Doctor’s Assistant

I have been fortunate enough to serve as the doctor’s assistant of Dr. Prakash Doshi, a highly respected family medicine / urgent care doctor in Kearny. By being present at his side during opportune medical procedures, I was able to gain significant insight into the world of a medical practitioner.

Dr. Doshi has in effect become my medical mentor and idol of sorts. I thank him profusely for allowing me the huge opportunity of being able to observe a master medical doctor at work each time he dealt with a patient. The opportunity showed me that medical issues are not simply confined to the hospital or health care facility rooms. Instead, it affects the patient and his family’s lives directly.

He was the person who taught me that each person, each medical case, no matter how similar are always highly different and must be dealt with accordingly. There are no 2 exact same medical cases. Even a patient’s reaction to his illness varies so the physician in charge must be ready to deal with his reaction on a case to case basis. Take for example a situation wherein the doctor tries to diagnose a patient by engaging him in conversation. Patients are usually highly passionate when discussing their medical symptoms and could sometimes come across as angry when he feels that he is not getting adequate medical attention or care.

Under Dr. Doshi’s tutelage, I learned that medical professionals cannot rely on scientific medicine alone due to the various patient beliefs in medical care. As a future doctor, I need to understand and be open to the fact that there will be certain instances when holistic healing will need to merge with science. But this can only be done effectively once the doctor is highly familiar with the patient’s medical history. Knowing these pieces of information often results in a quick recovery time for patients.

Temple Volunteer

Most people tend to take their community activities for granted. In my case though, I value my participation in community activities because I consider these a highly important and notable aspect of my life. My community is a physical representation of my quality of life. By being part of a happy, vibrant, connected, and well connected community, I am able to generate stability and a sense of real time connection with my neighbors and friends. My community is the perfect place for me to engage in relationships that provide a strong basis for friendship, support, and love. Thankfully, my community volunteer work has allowed me to connect in an extremely fulfilling way with most of the people who live in my area.

The most important part of the community bonding experience for me is when the Hindu community gathers on Sundays at the local temple for prayer and recreation. We all participate in various activities that are geared for the young and adult temple goers tastes. It is my strong belief that by participating in as many activities as I can, I help generate a sense of community while allowing people to discover each other’s similarities and differences. Oftentimes, we find ourself discovering new interests and activities by allowing them to mingle, discuss, and try out each other’s activities.

In my case, I find that I am most satisfied and happy when I am helping out at the temple by serving food, helping with the clean up of the place, and any other tasks that I might be requested to do. However, the most satisfying part of my community volunteer job is when I get the chance to work with some of the youth in our area. By being available to help them with homework, projects, and other activities, I find that I am also helping them prepare for a better future because I can teach them using mini-SAT preparatory sessions with them.