Metrics to Determine the Effectiveness of the Network

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Metrics have been used both to measure the performance of businesses and also the computer systems, especially the network. IT governance which is the harmonization of business processes, resources, and IT structures in performing business processes, is involved in measuring the performance of the network. There are several metrics that are used to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the network, and one of them is availability. This means that the network should make available every resource that the user request at any time. If the network is always available, it means that there is no time that the business operations will fail to continue, and therefore a lot of production will be expected at the end since the business has been operating throughout.

The other metric to consider while evaluating the network is reliability. It means that your network is designed in a manner that the users can depend upon it. For the network to be reliable, the users or employees have to be sure that it has been consistent for quite some time, and therefore they don’t expect it to fail them on the course of doing their operations. This also gives confidence to the users of the network, and hence self-motivation, unlike the network that keeps on failing and users cannot trust it.

Another metric is the scalability of the organization’s network infrastructure. Again, this means that when designing a network, the designer should make sure that the network will be able to accommodate other devices when required to extend the network without any problems. Interoperability is also another factor to consider. An interoperable network will work in all circumstances. That is, regardless of the platform and the technologies used to design it. Also, emerging technologies can be accommodated in the same network without problems.