Midfield Terminal: Abu Dhabi Airports Project

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Project management process

There are different processes involved in project management. They include project planning, organizing the processes of the project, and controlling the resources therein. Project planning management aims at connecting available resources to achieve the stipulated goals. Midfield Terminal Baggage system is one of the largest international projects to have botched in such a momentous way. Looking at the project’s management procedures, one can effortlessly figure out the causes of its failure.

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Some of the identified causative features of the project’s malfunction include underestimation of its obscurity. The project was ended due to the high cost of maintenance. The cost of maintaining Midfield Terminal’s Baggage System was $1M and this was beyond the cost of using a manual system [1]. Unlike local projects, global projects are operationally very complex. Another factor that led to the failure of the Midfield Terminal Baggage System is the complex architecture involved. Global projects such as this require a lot of manpower and professional skills.

The complex nature of this piece of architecture was a major challenge and so changed the requirements of the project [1]. Global projects are characterized by complex architecture because they are mostly big and high budget projects. A slight change in the requirements or a delay in the scheduled timeline may result in very high costs. The Midfield Terminal Baggage System project’s delay led to an additional $560M to the estimated cost of the entire project [1]. This project is a perfect example of a failed global project and it gives a clear picture of the cost implications.

The recommended strategies, practices, tools, and techniques

In managing global projects, one has to appreciate the fact that such projects are complex. To be effective in dealing with such complexities, one has to develop the following strategies:

Start small

To enhance collaboration between team players, it is important to first establish small dispersed projects before the launch of the project. Global projects use different teams from different sites hence creating small dispersed projects that create a platform for interaction before the actual projects are launched.

Use Rigorous Project Management and Seasoned Project, Leaders

For a global project to be successful, a strong project management team must be appointed [1]. This team will be responsible for the daily running of the project hence developing discipline, adherence to the laid structure, as well as creating a sense of purpose among the team players [1].

Appoint a Lead Site

As noted earlier, global projects are collaborations of various sites. With the numerous sites involved, it is imperative to have a lead site that acts as the main point of reference or headquarters. In a global project, all sights cannot carry the same weight [1]. A lead site is therefore responsible for delivering the project in the scheduled timeline and the estimated budget [1]. The main reason for this is because every site will have its perception of the project and goals may differ. One lead site harmonizes the project’s goals and makes it easier to achieve them.

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Invest Time Defining the Innovation

Unlike in a single location project, global projects require definition on the onset. This is because such projects are split over different time zones, cultures, and languages [1]. The definition of product architecture, individual functioning modules, as well as interdependency modules is very crucial in global project management [1].


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