Millennium Development and Well-Being of Families

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Analyze how the Millennium Development Goals are related to the well being of families

Millennium goals towards family settings targeted different aspects of social, economic, and cultural nature. At an international level and national level, families were recognized as the most important element in society. The role of women in society has been given a center stage where protection and respect of their roles are advocated. Equality in resource distribution and role division in the society has also been given consideration. The goals were more focused on empowering women and creating better family settings that will lead to well-structured communities.

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How would the achievement of these target goals affect families in the developing world?

In developing countries, the role of women had been limited to kitchen and childbearing; they are treated as if they are inferior to men: some of the factors that millennium development goals are likely to address. When they are attained, women are likely to be empowered financially, education-wise, and socially. They are expected to play a more vital role in society.

Human rights are also looked into the millennium goals thus when implemented, developing countries will enjoy human rights respected by their governments and societies. Developing strong families and having well-structured family settings is likely to induce good morals among future generations a move that will result in crime-free societies. Respect for people’s opinion is likely to take center stage. For sustainable development, stable family settings are crucial so when the goals fully take effect, the rate of economic, political, and social development in the countries will increase Bron & Suzanna, 2006).


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