Misinformation in Social Media

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In modern society, the internet and social media have replaced real-life communication for many people. Social networking sites have become an integral part of fulfilling lives of every member of society. People spend most of their free time on social networking sites contacting friends and family, finding the inspiration for work, and being engaged in different social activities. At the times of emerging technologies, it is essential to find a balance between networking and real life. The effects of social media on human life can be both: positive and negative.

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On the one hand, people have a convenient way to communicate, which saves time significantly. Today, we can contact people worldwide and keep in touch with distant relatives and friends. The working communication is also alleviated thanks to social media. Various services help people to satisfy all their communicational and information-gaining needs. On the other hand, the temptation to procrastinate is evolving, which leads to inefficient time management. Moreover, the main problem of the widespread of social media is the so-called networking manipulation (Carley et al., 2019). The human brain cannot comprehend large volumes of different information. As a result, people are lost because they cannot determine whether the data is truthful. This can cause such psychological problems as anxiety and incredulity.

Thus, social media have both positive and negative impacts on human life. Thanks to the internet and social networking sites, people have access to information and easy communication. However, the easier some process, the less value people see in it. As a result, social media can cause irrelevant time management problems. Another problem is the misleading information in social media, which can be used for malicious aims. People should use these technological opportunities for their personal development and avoid degradation and laziness, which can be negative implications of social media active usage.


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