Mobile Phone Safety

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Mobile phones safety

There are incredible global desires to use mobile phones despite the long-term health concerns. Mobile phones have been used beyond their commercial purposes. They are now considered as safety aids, an essential component of individuals’ lives and standard means of communication. Research studies carried out on mobile phones safety found that there is no health safety evidence.

However, controversial studies show that even though they are extraordinarily convenient and intuitive, mobile phones are powerful communication devices that pose significant health risks to users. This essay will provide an argumentative outline describing the reasons in favor of, and against the safety concerns of mobile phones.

The argument for mobile phone safety

Mobile phones are safe communication devices that do not cause any health hazards to the users. Studies conducted by scientists on the safety of mobile phones usage firmly assert that gadgets cannot cause cancer. For example, earlier research indicating worries as regards mobile phones’ effects on biological processes and brain tumors have been tested and proved baseless. There was no evidence to prove that individuals who lived near the base stations we exposed to radiation effects that could damage biological cells (Ray 1). The studies confirmed that mobile phones only produce a kind of non-ionizing electromagnetic emission that can be absorbed by tissues close to where the cell phone is held.

Therefore, the quantity of radiofrequency energy that mobile phone user is exposed to hinges on the phone’s know-how, the distance of the user from the mobile phone boosters, the kind and extent of usage as well as the distance between users and the cell phone antenna. In Denmark, the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology carried out a long-term study on the safety of mobile phone usage (Ray 1). The results indicated that despite the fact long-term mobile subscribers used analog devices which utilized high power transfers, incidences of cancer did not increase amongst such cell phone users.

The argument against mobile phone safety

Conversely, the use of mobile phones might cause significant health hazards including brain tumors. Such wireless devices tend to rely on radio waves and their antennas always release fluctuating levels of low energy radiation waves which are absorbed by the human body at certain points. Thus, as WHO reported, cell phone radiation that the body absorbs can probably cause cancer (Dellorto 1). This implies that the use of mobile phones can be categorized under the cancer-causing hazardous group including chloroform, engine exhaust, and lead.

In addition, a research study conducted by a group of scientists on the safety of mobile phones showed that the level of brain cancer doubles for individuals who have used mobile phones for ten years and above. A supportive study by National Institutes of Health researchers revealed that brain activities are increasingly stimulated by mobile phone radiations that are emitted after fifty minutes. However, the cancerous effects of such radiations on the brain are still unclear. Irrespective of the cancerous uncertainties, mobile phone manufacturers and medical experts warn users to minimize mobile phones radiation by keeping the gadget a distance from their bodies to reduce the level of radio wave absorption (Dellorto 1). This is because mobile phones release a lot of radiation when trying to link up with cellular boosters.


In conclusion, individuals who live near base stations are unlikely to experience health risks as a result of being exposed to radiation fractions. However, at their current guidelines, mobile phones radio waves might cause variations in brain activities though the reasons for this are not yet well-known. Therefore, it is recommended that the use of cell phones should be minimized given the deficiency in knowledge about the subject.

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