National Power Instruments With Examples

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Diplomatic instruments are principles for coordinating with foreign states and groups to promote US interests, objectives, and values. The US utilizes diplomacy to organize alliances, allies, proxies, and surrogates to support US military functions. Geographic combatant commanders (GCCs) align military operations with diplomatic engagements in designated areas. The US works with NATO, India, and Pakistan to support international cooperation. The US ambassador and the conforming national team are responsible for diplomatic-military engagements.


Facts and evidence are fundamental instruments and strategic resources for national security. The concept of information encompasses terrorists and transnational criminal organizations. The non-state actors use data to undermine the operations of the US government and the allies. The Department of Defense (DOD) functions in the busy times of changing social media platforms and interconnected international networks. For example, the US warned Germany that its deal with Huawei on 5G infrastructure could jeopardize intelligence sharing. The DOD uses writings, speech, and images to relay its intents.


The US uses militants to back up its national security goals at home and abroad. The ultimate objective of the US Armed Forces is to win national wars. The military instrument can apply force to coerce an opponent. For example, the US military launched airstrikes on Taliban and al-Qaeda forces in 2001. On the other hand, it has capacities to engage in non-conflict activities, including providing foreign relief. The US Armed Forces adhere to the US values, standards, and constitutional principles.


The US employs economic instruments to maintain national defense, access global markets, gain resources, and engage in international welfare. The Treasury Department coordinates with US Government agencies, foreign authorities, and international monetary institutions to enhance economic development. The US has been offering Bosnia $ 2 billion since 1995 as reconstruction and humanitarian support. The commercial instrument of command raises living standards and averts financial crises.