The Secret Service Code Names for Barbara and George H. W. Bush

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George H.W. Bush had Timberwolf as his secret service name, and Barbara Bush was named Tranquility. Secret names have been issued for candidates protection initially; however, Secret Service uses other ways of confidential communication nowadays, which led to the disclosure of names.


President’s service code name is a secret name that his agent or the President himself assigns during the family’s first visit to the White House. The names are given to the Presidents, first ladies, and first children. Such names used to be a top-secret; however, due to the development of social media, the names become public through different sources who may leak the information. Moreover, the technology allowed security services to monitor officials in various ways. As the secret name is assigned to each member of the family, the family shares the same first letter. The White House Communication Agency assigns secret service names. The agents have an exclusive list with the appropriate names that the President can choose from. However, the family does not have that much choice.

George H.W. Bush was the 41st President of the United States, and he managed to assemble a multinational force to compel the withdrawal of Iraq. Bush is also known for his effort in creating funds to fight AIDS. He managed to initiate the largest health initiative to target a single disease as he devoted $15 billion over the five years for this purpose. Timberwolf was the secret code name for George Bush, which means that he was named after the largest member of the dog family. His wife, Barbara Bush, was given the secret name Tranquility, which is the opposite of the President’s name as it represents the state of being calm and worry-free. The meaning of the service name remains unknown.