Pacific Palms Hotel

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Brief introduction of the Hotel Company

Majestic Realty offers a wide range of services for the starting land acquisition to long-run property management. The company was founded in 1948, with its headquarters situated in Los Angeles. Its major mission is to expand its market and pursue retail land that will allow the company to develop and revive shopping centers and hotel services. Additionally, Majestic Realty Corporation deals extensively with green building and upholds environmental responsibility for construction design. Currently, the company owns nearly 70 million square feet, including retail space and industrial office, entertainment, and hospitality facility, as well as sports centers.

A brief introduction to Pacific Palm Resort Hotel

The hotel was founded in 1996 when Majestic Realty Co. The resort has 292 rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies. 2 presidential suites are also available to the clients. The hotel targets a wide client base from regular travelers who plan to visit the business conference and for those who want to organize a wedding. Additionally, Pacific Palms also owns a full-service golf area for those who are fond of spending active time in the fresh air.

Organizational Structure

The hotel’s managerial staff is composed of directors – Noel Bailey, Peter Harves (IT Web and Maintenance Engineer), Geoffrey Russel (Manager of Bulwarra Resort), Barbara Davidson, Ramy Filo (CEO), Denise Price (Hospitality Manager), and others. The company policy focuses on the analysis and evaluation of the nature of the remuneration structure as the key to managing personnel successfully. The factors also involve the experience of the individual, the length and type of service, and the company’s overall performance. Each of the directors reports to the executive. At the same time, the managers are given full responsibility for their departments.

Positive and Negative Impressions on the Property

On the one hand, the interviewed employees have provided mostly positive feedback on the quality of organizational structure and treatment. On the other hand, some of the operational pitfalls occur due to the lack of cooperation between departments. While visiting the golf area, I have noticed that some of the territories are not properly serviced due to the lack of personnel. As per the restaurants, I was impressed with the services and loyal attitude on the part of the waiters. The dishes were delivered just in time.

Six characteristics

Exterior, grounds, and public areas:

  • Checking the quality of the grass field;
  • Monitoring the inventory regularly;
  • Controlling the number of people serving the area;
  • Organizing tournaments;
  • Regular weather broadcast for golf players;
  • Cleaning the area;
  • Irrigation system.

Guestroom décor, ambiance, and amenities:

  • Availability of maintenance;
  • Evaluating style and relevance of the exterior;
  • Rating the level of comfortableness;
  • Analysis of clients’ needs and preferences;
  • Availability of shopping centers and other services;
  • Types of rooms assessment;
  • Telephone and television;
  • Housekeeping services.

Cleanness and condition:

  • Regular cleaning;
  • Quality of fabric and material;
  • Environmental assessment of the materials;
  • Staff hospitality;
  • Timeliness of services;
  • Checkout room services;
  • Bell services;
  • Cleaning services upon request.


  • Water head evaluation;
  • Availability of hot and cold water;
  • Regular maintenance and repair services;
  • Regular change of towels;
  • Hygiene and sanitation;
  • Spa and hot whirlpool;
  • Toilet service;
  • Bathroom interior and décor.

Management and staff:

  • Hospitality;
  • Immediate feedback to the client’s request;
  • Timeliness;
  • Quality of services;
  • Decision-making;
  • Communication skills;
  • Readiness to accept challenges;
  • We are meeting client’s needs.

Guest Services:

  • Reserving rooms;
  • In-room service;
  • Check-in calls;
  • Quality of quest rooms;
  • Quality of arrangements;
  • Flight arrangements;
  • Evening housekeeping;
  • Reception services.