Ecotourism Effects on Eskimos in Canada

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Canada owns a wide range of tourist attraction sites, ice caps included. Varieties of species and ice formed features are found in the snow-covered regions to the north of the country. Through ecotourism, some of the endangered species and polar natural resources are protected from depletion by human activities (Butler and Hinch 112). In this quest, ecotourism has a direct effect on the lives of the inhabitants of the polar region in the following ways.


Through a sustainable program established by ecotourism activities, most indigenous people are able to protect the environment by carrying out environment-friendly activities. Ecotourism helps to conserve the environment by reducing waste. This aspect translates to reduced rates of environmental degradation and pollution. However, it imposes the problem of underutilization of the available natural resources by restricting development agendas that would interfere with the environment.


Ecotourism shapes the way of life for people within the Polar Regions by creating sustainable programs. The programs are aimed at bringing people together for various cultural functions. Cohesion and integration of these residents are highly enriched from discharging ecotourism activities. However, ecotourism poses a problem because it makes some of the existing cultural practices extinct since they are unfriendly to the natural life of wildlife.


Ecotourism is beneficial to the residents of Canada especially the polar region since it provides employment in the tourism sector. In addition, the interrelationship between the inhabitants of Canada and other nations is enriched greatly. On the other hand, ecotourism may create a route for social vices such as corruption and nepotism.


Political supremacy and sustainability of the government regimes are boosted greatly from the collected revenues and international grants. Ecotourism serves as an icon of heritage for the Canadian government. Politically, it causes the division of powers and classes of rulers in the provinces of Canada (Fennell 232).

Group Presentation of the Effects of Ecotourism to Eskimos

Politically, ecotourism has both positive and negative effects on the Eskimos’ way of life. The inhabitants of the area are the key focus for the strategic schemes already put in place by the Canadian Government in the quest to improve their living standards. The government recognizes the need to secure the Northern region for the cohesion of the entire country. However, the northern inhabitants are possible targets of political regimes in retaining their power.

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