Personal Development Plan

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Personal development plan is a step by step guidance that an individual lay down, based on self awareness, own reflection and assessment, expectations or endings, and strategies that one is willing to apply to affect this plan in order to accomplish his or her life goals.


  • I am a creative and a critical thinker. This gives me confidence in my thoughts and decisions. I can make choices and take responsibility to the consequences. Through my education, I have acquired good communication skills that allow me to adequately express myself in all forms of communication. Posses great business skills; I can professionally run a business enterprise. I can read, and analyze documents including tables, graphs, pie charts and other items that are used to store data. I can study, do research, collect and store data appropriately. I understand and can keep financial records. I can work diligently with the required speed to meet deadlines.
  • I am a fluent and eloquent speech giver. I can give a good and clear presentation on business and financial issues. I am a good listener who can communicate well, and maintain good relations with the people around me. I have studied and learned about leadership and management which has enlightened me on the skills to effectively run a business organization.
  • I believe in the power and the efficiency of a good organization dedicated to teamwork and good interrelationships amongst the members, employees or colleagues. This will bring the best out of each member enabling the business to achieve great quality of its products, which will be a sign of respect to our customers and help maintain good public and customer relations.

Areas for improvement

  • There will be a need to improve in the level of tolerance to everyone; tolerance to an individual’s gender, tribe and even race. Everyone must be given equal opportunities to explore their abilities. An improvement in my social judgment towards the marginalized i.e. the disable, like the deaf and the blind is important to shape good business relation with the society.
  • I should seek to acquire more writing skills that will enable me maintain excellent standards in my paperwork. There is a great need to improve in my essay and report writing. I should also learn more to improve my skills in writing business plans and executive summaries that can be used in all classes of businesses and co operations across the corporate world.
  • To achieve an excellent productivity, better public relations especially with the employees is mandatory, and I should not be too much ambitious, that I miss the point of caring for my employees’ welfare.

Long-term development goals

To see my business through the economies of scale, and establish more branches in other parts of the country. Develop a brand that is respected and accepted nationwide. Through proper research, more innovations for a perfect production will be achieved.

Short term development goals

  • To establish good primary relations, and accustom to the market. Pursue private studies to improve in my writing, social and marketing skills.
  • My business is to grow from distribution to manufacturing or production level.

Next assignments

  • Achieve my masters in business management and finance investing. I’ll be the Managing Director of my new business venture by the first half of next year.
  • Funds to be set aside and the construction of the business premises to be completed within a year.

Training and development needs

As I continue with the training for my master’s degree, I will enroll for an open learning program to attain my certificates in business writing, community and social work and advanced sales and marketing within six months. These will prepare me to start straight away with my managing and business career.