Potential Things for Believers to Learn When Studying the Book of Revelation

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Despite its prominence in popular culture as the prophetic form of apocalypse, The Book of Revelation is one of the most difficult parts of the Bible to read and comprehend, even for those well-versed in theology. However, Christians and faithful can benefit and learn a lot from studying it. First, it is important as it is dictated directly by Jesus, as written by John in the introductory words, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”.

Given the history of the book that it had been almost half a century since Jesus ascended to John, and what he is trying to relay to the faithful is that Christ is indeed ministering His church and looking down on humanity. The Book of Revelation is also important for study since it is the capstone of the divine canon, strands from all the books in the Bible as they come together in a finale. The book is to be understood and studied through its designated message and clarity as written, “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein”.

As discussed earlier, when addressing the various churches, the Book of Revelations holds many lessons for the faithful and congregations. It also encompasses a number of prophetic messages that were to be given to the Christian church and humanity. Christians are shown that God is ultimately in control of history, and in times of trouble, the faithful are comforted and upheld through history and that He will stay with them to the very end.

It assures that the final victory of the church will arrive despite potentially dark times and the terrifying apocalyptic last conflict, which will be the battle between goodness and evil as the second coming of Christ will arrive. In modern times which are growing to be troublesome and seemingly dark, this is a message of faith and hope. By studying Revelations, Christians are able to take in that hope, not lose faith, and continue a Christian way of life.