Psychological Disorder: Causes and Remedies

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Psychological disorders

This disorder has an anguish effects to a human being affecting his or her mentality and this results into a severe illness. Psychological disorders results from various cause, which initiates several diseases appearing in different ways. We have various symptoms of these diseases including 🙂 – schizophrenia, Learning disorders, Anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsion and depression. Meanwhile, we will study some of these psychological disorders to see how you can treat them, their behaviors and what causes them. In addition, we will consider and learn these disorders affect an individual psychologically.

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Schizophrenia disorders

A schizophrenia disorder is a psychological disorder characterized by moods and thoughts as well as disturbance and illusion behaviors, attacking personal vision. People affected by this disorder experience psychotic incident while others struggle with their illusion visions. Either anyone can get schizophrenia disorders through environmental factors or genetically, which involves the transfer of genetic enzymes. Meanwhile, people experiences schizophrenia disorders have different symptoms, which include 🙂 – illogical thinking, invincibility feelings, less personal emotional expressions and distortion of perspective reality as well as hallucinations (Hersen, 4-23).

Schizophrenia disorders attacks peoples in different forms. It has various development stages, which initiates several medications and treatments. People suffering from schizophrenia disorder go day-to-day therapy since the disorder has no distinct treatment. These treatments are supported by several kinds of medications including 🙂 – psychosocial treatments, lobotomies and antipsychotic medications.

Treating schizophrenia using antipsychotic method has a bigger influence on curing the disorder. The medication includes the use of Haldol, Clozaril and Risperdal medicinal products during treatment. These medicinal products are strong and makes sure that any sign of schizophrenia disorders like hallucinations, confusion and delusions do not happen again.

Meanwhile, these medications only serve a schizophrenia person for a period of two years, and this person should receive medication against after this duration. We have side effects to a person using these medicinal products for many years since, they experience tardive dyskinesia behaviors characterized by movements of the mouth, lips and tongue. Moreover, schizophrenia treatment is done suing lobotomes method. A lobotomy is a treatment done on the brain of a person through brain operation to enable the person function normal (Barlow and Antony, 46-70).

Anxiety and Panic disorder

There are different types of anxiety disorders. They include 🙂 – fanatical, traumatic stress and generalized anxiety disorders are examples of anxiety psychological disorders. Many of symptoms of anxiety have a remedy hence; they are easily treated. Anxiety has natural remedies, which is directed to how severe the anxiety disorder enabling the doctors to establish the best way to treatment for patients. This treatment includes 🙂 – talk therapy and recommendation medications that mostly used by doctors to treat their patients who are experiencing anxiety disorder problems. The expression of anxiety disorders finds its way to people’s lives through personal feelings as well as strong genetic feelings with an influence of trauma, stress and life events, worsening anxiety positions to personal feelings. Many people suffer from anxiety in different ways depending on an external environmental influence. Some people experience agoraphobia type of anxiety disorder making them stay inside their house without any outside movements while others experience devastating feelings of terror, characterized by heart palpitations and stomachaches.

Anxiety disorder is one of the psychological, mental disorders treated easily compared to any other type of psychological disorders. Anxiety disorders have various treatment including 🙂 – biofeedback method, cognitive, behavioral therapy, doing day-to-day physical exercise, making the body relax and taking dietary foods. Phobias, traumatic stress, social and panic anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety constitute typical characteristics of anxiety disorders (Craske and Barlow, 33-67).

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Primarily, we have Phobias anxiety disorder that involves personal fear due to an influence of immediate danger. Many people who are suffering from this disorder get embarrassed when they learnt that their fear is excessive. Secondly, Obsessive-compulsive disorder is one of the anxiety symptoms having persistent thoughts as well as feeling body impulses. We have various repetitive behaviors causes by the anxiety feelings. Moreover, traumatic stress results from events such as natural disasters and terrorism traumatizing the feelings of an individual. Someone who has post-traumatic stress experiences nightmares, which makes him or her have difficulties when sleeping.

However, social anxiety is another symptom of anxiety disorder. People suffering from social anxiety get conscious every time he or she faces extreme situations or when encounters people who has higher reputation than what do him or her holds. Finally, we have generalized symptoms as a kind of anxiety disorder, which involves relentless positions and unspecified worry of everyday happenings. Generalized anxiety disorder is a severe symptom, which has worst effect of all anxiety symptoms. Meanwhile, the disorder has traumatized physical symptoms like Insomnia, muscle tension and body irritability that are comprehensible to treat due to the availability of medicine (Johnson, 14-79).

Learning disorders

This is a sign of learning disabilities experienced by children who cannot try to think harder. They are not able to pay attention to nay matter arising no matter how you try to install any information to this kind of child. Learning disorder is not an intelligence problem since its cause comes from the difference in brains that affects the normal way the brain receives information, process the information and communicate from various parts of the body. This is a psychological disorder affecting the normal operation of peoples sensory processing memories from different age groups both children and adults. Learning disabilities is cured using neuroplasticity method, which was discovered through scientific research involving the generation of new cells to activate the normal functioning of the body response as well as harness and retrieving brains memory.

Meanwhile, people suffering from learning disorders are treated in well to enable them coupe with this problem. However, everyone having such patients should ensure that all things surrounding these patients are kept in perspective way. This is done by encouraging people having a learning disability that should not get intimidated by bureaucracy, providing emotional, educational and moral support to this kind of patients (Stevens, 40-83).

Moreover, learning disorder can be determined from several behaviors children portray since learning disorders affects most early stage of life. Children get trouble to grasp what they learn in classes due to loss in memory. In a class of mathematics and language, students with a learning disability may fail to grasp anything because of poor visual, poor hearing due to problems form ears and poor memory organization as well as sequencing. According to the research, professionals define the ability to hear comparing to auditory process. Impacts on reading, hearing and spelling affect the normal hearing abilities of a person since, this are the characteristics of learning disorders.

In addition, learning disorders in schools evolves when a child who is suffering from this disorders see words written upside-down, skips some lines within a sentence while reading it and having problems with eye-hand coordination. However, visual is essential when reading any kind of academic resources. Learning disabilities has various types, which include; dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, visual processing problems and auditory processing disorder. All this types are the symptoms of a person suffering from learning disorders (Johnson and Leahy, 241-301).


Overall, psychological disorders are a natural disorder that causes anguish in the normal functioning of the person body resulting into severe illness. Several disorders result from a psychological disorder. These include 🙂 – schizophrenia, Learning disorders, Anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsion, body depression among others. According to the study, psychological disorders have a different cause; their treatment differs according to the disorders situation and its determination cause for curing it. A schizophrenia disorder is a psychological disorder characterized by moods, thoughts, disturbance and illusion behaviors, attacking personal vision. Schizophrenia disorder treatments are supported by several kinds of medications including, psychosocial treatments, lobotomies and antipsychotic medications, which are anonymous to these problems.

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However, we have an anxiety disorder as one of the psychological symptom. These anxiety disorders include; fanatical, traumatic stress and generalized anxiety disorders that has remedy and easily treated. Treatment of this anxiety disorder includes; talk therapy and recommendation medications that mostly used by doctors to treat their patients experiencing anxiety disorder problems. Finally, learning disorders is also a psychological disorder affecting the way one hears and his or her vision. Poor vision and hearing constitutes auditory problems, which affects normal brain sequencing and process. Learning disabilities has various types including 🙂 – dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, visual processing problems and auditory processing disorder.

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