Psychology Studies for Self-Understanding

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I already feel that psychology has had a significant positive effect on my life. I know more about myself, my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This allows me to live more consciously and to be attentive to myself and others. I think that I will continue to study different aspects of psychology because it is really useful and interesting. I would be particularly interested in brain studies since human actions are based on various brain functions. Thus, I will use it in everyday life, manage my thoughts and actions better, and understand others.

An exciting example of applying knowledge about psychology is my self-esteem. Thanks to the psychology course, I learned to know and understand myself better. I always remember my positive qualities and achievements. This allows me to set and achieve more ambitious goals. I became more optimistic and confident, which has a positive effect on my activities. I listen to my needs and take better care of myself. People around me notice it as well and are more friendly and open to me.

I also apply my knowledge of psychology to my communication with loved ones. I try to be empathic and understanding, which is crucial for establishing good friendships and family relationships. When I strive to establish contact with these people, they want the same. Thus, we become much closer and know various aspects of each other’s personalities. It helps us to solve problems together, get positive emotions, and understand ourselves. I am convinced that knowledge of psychology is one of my most rewarding acquisitions in recent years.