Race Discrimination: Aspects, Effects


Racial discrimination is a major issue that segregates people socially depending on one’s skin color or place of origin. Discrimination according to race is not something that started yesterday but has existed since the colonial period. America is one of the countries with the high levels of racial discrimination (Brooks, 1990, p 12). Culmination of racial discrimination was realized in America at that time when Africans settled in the country. The Africans had settled as slaves who were working especially for the colonialists in their lands. Predominantly, the Africans were discriminated because of their black skin color and so they were not allowed to associate with the whites. They were made to work for long hours without payment. White collar jobs were only meant for the white people while the Africans were forced to do physical jobs.

In America Africans were treated with too much hatred that made the whites to isolate themselves from them. The whites isolated themselves by having their own schools, churches and houses and other social places. Today racism still exists although its level has reduced compared to the colonial period. Africans alongside other races are continuously facing discrimination which is realized within social set ups. An example is where white Americans segregate themselves into their own churches, residential areas, schools and hospitals. Other races are therefore not expected to go to these areas which are only meant for a particular group (Brooks, 1990, p 102). Racism has adverse negative effects that it can cause to those who are discriminated. Principally, race discrimination should be eradicated completely in societies as it affects people negatively. In order to get rid of this discrimination, people need to embrace the spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood.


Perhaps race discrimination still exists in most societies because it is an issue that started very many years ago. Historically, white people have always treated Africans with so much contempt and mistreatment. However there are other races which also face racial discrimination from white Americans like the Asians. Even with a new generation, race discrimination has never stopped although it has dropped compared to the earlier days. Racial discrimination is a factor that exists in many countries across the world as people segregate themselves from one another. Basically cases of race discrimination are rampant in places where there are Africans and the white. Ideally racism is a major tool of discrimination which affects many people. Racism is one of the major tools of discrimination that affects people especially those in foreign countries. Minority groups have always been segregated from the majority who belong to a particular race. Race discrimination is characterized by too much hatred that people have towards others. Africans are the major victims of race discrimination because they have black skin color that is treated with contempt by the whites. The core objective of this paper is to address the issue of race discrimination which should be eradicated by embracing thee spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood. The paper will mainly focus on race discrimination in America. In order to achieve this goal, the paper will discuss the aspects of race discrimination, the effects of race discrimination and ways of getting rid of the issue (Brooks, 1990, p.122)

Aspects of Race Discrimination

In America, African Americans need equal rights just like the whites although this is yet to be fully achieved. Most white people in America do not appreciate foreigners and treat them differently. Apart from Africans there are also other races which include Asians, Native Hawaiian, Hispanics and American Indians. Racial segregation denies foreigners opportunities to explore greener pastures like the job market. Aspects of race discrimination is realized in America as the white segregates themselves in terms of education, religion, residence, health care and many more social places. As a way of isolation, there are schools in America which are specifically for the whites. In this case, children grow up with the knowledge that race discrimination exists. Children are not allowed to interact with other children of other races. Because of this reason it may be difficult to completely eradicate racism since it starts when a person is young and gradually develops into adult age. Admission to certain learning institutions like universities has become difficult as students are admitted according to their ethnicity. Race discrimination has denied people employment opportunities which are granted to particular races. When it comes to getting a job, it does not matter what experience a person has but what ethnic background he/she belongs. Employment discrimination also denies people the chance of getting promotions. Religion should be a unifying factor to solve the discrimination although people of diverse race do not worship together. Thus there are states in America which have churches meant for particular race. Because of race discrimination, most whites in America prefer living in houses or homes far away from other races (Brooks, 1990, p 135).

Effects of Race Discrimination

Primarily, race discrimination has negative effects to an individual as it lowers self esteem and can cause health problems. Racism can lead to lack of confidence in a person since a one may feel less important than others. This can be accompanied by intense fear that prevents a person from pursuing certain goals. On the other hand, discrimination can lead to conflicts between people of diverse races. Legal cases are always bound to occur as there are people who sue others for race discrimination. Such cases can be so costly because one has to empty the pocket in order to get justice. Race discrimination can cause health complications to a person as a result of too much stress that can lead to depression. There are people who can not contain any kind of discrimination and so they can spend much of their time recalling how they were mistreated. Because of too much accumulation of stress, one can develop high blood pressure or heart attacks. Another effect of racism is that it destroys national unity of a country where people can not work together as one entity (Brooks, 1990, p 201)


Fundamentally, people need to embrace the spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood in order to solve race discrimination. People of varied races should think beyond ethnic backgrounds and skin color. By doing this, people will be able to treat each other equally without judging others according to their race. Political leaders need to show a good example to citizens by preaching equality to them. In so doing, avenues for different opportunities should be opened to everyone regardless of ethnic backgrounds.

Segregation is one aspect that fuels race discrimination as it denies people the opportunity to interact together. Owing to this reason, institutions and social gathering should be open for everyone regardless of race or ethnic background.


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