“Relationships of Problematic Internet Use With Depression”: Effects of Gambling and Internet Use

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The study connects to my experiences as well as the community. This study’s results contribute to the betterment of society as they highlight the flaws which young people, in this case, college students, make, hence, formulating excellent ways of curbing the specific challenges. The community needs people who can make their personal decisions in everything they do. As evident from the research article, college students cannot control themselves, whereby they engage in online gaming and gambling recklessly (Kalkan and Bhat 21). The study urges people to develop the aspects of self-control, having authority over their mind. People should not allow the emotions to overcome them but rather embrace critical thinking before making diverse decisions. The article teaches college students that they should use the internet for the right purpose and embrace more physical integration than communicating on the internet. Self-governance reduces the chances of an individual developing anxiety and depression. Connectedly, the results of the findings are prudent as they impart the traits of partaking control over oneself and, subsequently, making excellent decisions in life, generally.

Moreover, my thinking about gambling, gaming, and the internet use has changed exponentially, as I have learned that there is a need to engage in daily activities like chatting on the internet with moderation. In other words, too much of internet use can be dangerous despite being useful. For instance, it is critical noting that the internet use among college students is paramount. Similarly, online gaming and gambling are significant since they can earn people a fortune considering the testimonies from persons in society who have already won huge sums of money. However, one can comprehended that it is important to gamble with moderation despite having an interest in and engaging in the online betting practice. Individuals spend almost all their finances on placing different bets. People can spend all the amount which they have on online gaming. However, it is paramount to note that regardless of being free to stake any amount, one should gamble while embracing responsibility. The research results have changed people’s mind; whereby one should only bet with what he or she can afford to lose. Hence, persons will gamble with less money and use the internet for more academic-related purposes.

Significantly, this topic relates to my experiences, considering that people, more so, college students, are addicted to the problematic use of the internet and online gambling. The research findings are accurate that online gaming and the spontaneous use of the internet are addictive and harmful. When an individual loses a bet, they become angry and stressed, remembering that they have misplaced their money. Hitherto, the virtue that they was close to winning the wager motivates me to continue placing other bets with even higher stakes. Gamblers sometimes hallucinate when they do not win, thinking about how they have remained poor. Sometimes one can feel headache, and upon reaching the hospital for diagnosis, the health practitioners do not find any severe health issue. Holistically, this research topic is essential as it reflects the current incidences of problematic internet use, online gaming, and gambling, and their respective consequences. The study about the effects of gambling and internet use is vital since it gives researchers a framework for future studies curbing the rising ordeal of gambling and internet addiction.

Work Cited

Kalkan, Bilal, and Christine Suniti Bhat. “Relationships of Problematic Internet Use, Online Gaming, and Online Gambling with Depression and Quality of Life among College Students.” International Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, vol. 7, no.1, 2020, pp. 18-28.