Request for Proposal to Software Vendors

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General Information

The information contained in this document (RFP) pertains to the Upgrade of Word program at Baderman Island Resort.


The information contained herein is confidential and shall not be disclosed to other parties without the Baderman Island Resort’s permission. In case of any disclosure to other parties, besides the Baderman Island Resort personnel, then the disclosure shall only take place with the sole purpose of responding to the requested project accomplishment.

Organization Information

Baderman Island Resort is made up of two gift shops, four restaurants, three major hotels, a spa, and a Convention Centre. It owns other business units, managed by Boardman Management Group; each of these business units is run autonomously.

Business Goals

Baderman Island Resort’s business objective is to standardize its administrative and operational practices to achieve; reduced costs, streamlined software, and architecture in all departments improve employee training and boost confidence in internal and external communication.

Proposal Goals

The management of Baderman Island Resort is conscious of the increasing demands in its administrative responsibilities. The current word program in the company has provided a challenge in terms of operations. This is a result of compatibility problems with the current hardware design. The existing situation at Baderman Island Resort has made the company to upgrade its word processing application to improve compatibility and enhance service delivery.

Proposal Scope

Upgrading word programs in all Baderman Island Resort business units

Proposal Format

The response to this RFP should be received by June 13, 2011.


Baderman Island Resort welcomes quotes for both lease and purchase of the stated upgrade.


Hardware Environment

Baderman Island Resort has a total of 70 computers

Operating System and Software Environment

The company has; 26 computers installed with XP operating system and running Microsoft XP word,38 computers have been installed with Windows 2000 and running Microsoft Word 2000 and 6 computers have been installed with Windows 98 and running Microsoft Word 97

Functional Specifications

Baderman Island Resort is considering of upgrade word program which can meet its business needs in all its business departments. The word program proposed should be compatible with current operating systems with an opportunity for future upgrades. It should be of a higher version than the currently installed versions, preferably Microsoft 2007 or Microsoft word 2010.

Functional Requirements

The upgraded word program must be reliable, flexible and will facilitate a smooth transition from the current system. This will harmonize the compatibility structure and establish uniformity of word programs in all business units in the organization.

Support and Maintenance

Baderman Island Resort aims at forming a partnership with the selected vendor and this will involve reference and assessing customer contentment ranking before granting the contract.

Implementation Approach

Baderman Island Resort will use a pilot process in the implementation process However, Baderman Island Resort will carry out the software testing before its implementation.

Training requirements, system costs, and financing arrangements

Baderman Island Resort will embrace on-the-job training. This will ensure employees understand the working of the new upgrade. The awarding of contracts will start immediately after receiving the proposal. Thereafter, the contract negotiations will be conducted with the RFP’s representative.


Vendor Profile

The vendor should supply Baderman Island Resort with the following information (Porter-Roth, 2001)

  • Company overview
  • Product strategy and diversity
  • Financial performance, strength and viability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Training and implementation strategy

Reference List

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