Same-Sex Marriage: Arguments for and against Same-Sex Marriage

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The topic that I have chosen for this coursework is that of same-sex marriage as opposed to violent crimes. The reason why I chose this specific topic is that it is not only interesting but has in the recent past been the center of many debates and criticisms. I chose it to enable me as well as the readers understand more as concerns same-sex marriage to open the minds of individuals as to what exactly entails this subject. It will also enable me to have a more clearly defined purpose, providing the right information to readers.

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Same-sex marriage can be defined as a socially or legally recognized marriage that exists between two individuals of the same biological sex or social gender (Depuis, 2002). While this is acceptable in the majority of European and Western nations, it still remains an abomination and a taboo in the majority of African countries. I will keenly look at a number of controversies that have over the past been the main issue in the current society as concerns whether the gay and lesbian community should be granted the same human rights as heterosexuals. This topic will greatly enlighten the gay community and the general society.

Marriage has been traditionally defined as a legal and religious commitment that takes place between a man and a woman including the ultimate expression of love (Badgett, 2009). The first controversy surrounding this subject matter is whether or not same-sex marriage should be recognized and the individuals granted the same human rights as heterosexual couples. Upon conducting a bit of research, I discovered that the history of same-sex marriage dates back to the Roman Empire era when Emperor Nero is recorded as having married one of his male slaves (Depuis, 2002). This practice was however brought to a halt when Christianity spread through the Roman Empire declaring that homosexuality was an abomination and all those practicing it should be executed.

I also took the liberty of interviewing a couple of individuals, some from the gay community and others who were heterosexual and observed that two main sides exist as far as same-sex marriage is concerned, that is, the side that supports it and that which opposes the whole idea. While those supporting the idea of same-sex marriage argued that denying those wishing to do so would be a violation of religious freedom, those against it argued that homosexuality is considered a sin and an abomination to God as He did not create Adam and Adam but Adam and Eve (Badgett, 2009). I related this statement to what I had previously learned as concerns religion and homosexuality. Those against it informed me that encouraging same-sex marriage would put the couples as well as other individuals at risk of diseases such as STDs and HIV infections.

There is also a possibility that these couples may suffer from psychological disorders associated with society’s attitude towards their sexual orientation, making them lead a lower life expectancy as a majority of them may not be able to handle the criticisms and societal pressure (Depuis, 2002). Allowing same-sex marriage could weaken the traditional family ties and values that are essential to the community, especially African societies.

I, however, feel that homosexuality or same-sex marriage should be legalized globally and not made a taboo. To begin with, denying these types of marriages would be a form of minority discrimination and to the majority of societies, it would mean a violation of one of the human rights which is treating individuals equally regardless of their race, sex, or sexual orientation (Badgett, 2009). Same-sex marriage should be allowed or made legal as it enables people not to hide or become promiscuous but encourage them to have strong family values unlike what the opposition may suggest. Recent research studies conducted as concerned reasons as to why one would choose to become homosexual have revealed that homosexuality is more biologically caused for instance homosexual males tend to have softer voices while lesbian females tend to have a more masculine body shape and strong cheekbones (Depuis, 2002).

With such evidence, same-sex relationships are being embraced as a lifestyle and I believe that readers will also attest to this once they see it from this new perspective. I would also like to believe that once the community is educated on this issue, it would uphold the Bill of Rights that gives equal opportunities to each individual.

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Despite there being arguments for and against same-sex marriage, it is wise for the community to be more educated as concerns this form of marriage to ensure that the society leads a healthy lifestyle, where each individual is comfortable and can have the freedom to practice their given human rights as per the Bill of Rights. Allowing and legalizing same-sex marriage in this day and age would prevent many marriages from breaking up, minimizing the risk of HIV and other infections associated with being promiscuous.


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