Sociological Issues: Violent Crime in the Society and Same-Sex Marriages

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One topic that is of great interest to me is the topic of reducing violent crime in the society. My personal interest in this topic is because there are so many cases of violent crime occurring in the society that go unreported. For instance, in many black and Latino neighborhoods, there are some cases of violent crime such as drive by shootings that are normally not reported and if reported, it takes a long time before a solution is derived at. The topic of reducing violent crimes would be of great interest to those people who live in neighborhoods that experience a lot of insecurity as well as those people who would love to live in a society that is crime free. There are quite some controversies regarding this topic. One controversy is that some people in the American society are of the view that crime is only rampant in some communities and that crime is mostly associated with the black community. This is a sour subject in the black community and the result of this is that the black community has met it with a lot of anger, and they hit back by saying that the security agents in security related issues often ignore their communities.

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Another topic that is of great interest is the topic of same sex marriages. This topic has greatly captures my interest because of the controversy surrounding it and the fact that the gay and lesbian community in the American society are keen on fighting for their rights to be noticed and be given the same equal rights that the heterosexual marriages are normally given. These rights range from the right to inherit each other’s property to the right to have children, and in most cases, it is by adopting (Pinello, 2006). Furthermore, the same sex marriages have been met with a lot of disapproval from the church community and this makes this topic quite interesting. The people who would be interested in this topic would be the gay community as well as other members of the society, some of whom believe that the same sex marriages and their fight for equal rights is like a circus. One controversy surrounding this issue is whether the couples in the same sex marriages should be allowed to enter into the institution of marriage and whether this term should even be used to address their union.


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