Senate Reform Would Benefit the Implementation of Public Policy in Canada

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There exists a highly supported opinion that the Canadian legislature is clearly unrepresentative in the modern period of time. The support for this opinion can be found in the words of Lisa Young who was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Calgary. This opinion was voiced in 1998:

“Our parliament and legislatures still over-represent professional white men and under-represent virtually every other segment of the population. Women comprise less than 30% of the members in any of Canada’s provincial legislatures, and only 20.6% of the current House of Commons”

Among other evidence provided by Young one may pay close attention to her opposition to the one-member system that would probably provide a certain extent of diversity. In addition, the alternative outlook at ‘best’ candidates from a party, which means deliberate refusal from pro-white male stereotypes, would also be quite helpful in the formation of the diverse representation of all groups, minorities, and classes of Canadians in the legislative forms of government. Finally, it is worth not forgetting the aspired Senate reform that also promises to raise the level of representation in Canadian politics.

Since the Canadian Senate has failed to fulfill its both political functions – the legislative-review body and the tool for the provision of regional representation, there have been an enormous number of proposals for Senate reform. First of all, the proposals contained suggestions for the alteration of the Senate’s functions. After the criticism that the Senate was actually useless in its operation and several audacious cases of senate truancy there appeared new rules on Senate representation.

Analyzing the whole complex process of the Senate reform that took several decades in Canada, one can assume that it is likely to assist the provision of equality and representation in the Senate – the two ways of electing Senators (through direct election included) and the equal provincial representation will aid the resolution of agitated debates about equality and representation in a Canadian legislature.