How to Change the Political Culture Toward E Pluribus Unum

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America is in a political and moral dilemma in trying to reconcile pluralism and includes nonwhites with democratic ideals that the founding fathers espoused. This is not the full meaning of democracy because racism needs to be overcome to gain the expression of E Pluribus Unum. Within the country’s walls, there exist two Americans, unequal and separate, black and white. In order for the two to be reconciled, the people of America need to be in terms with limited vision of their founding fathers who did not envision profile of the current population, where there is a growing number of Hispanic and Black people that threaten states of whites. The people who have the desire of maintaining white rule old vision in the name of pluralism and democracy will not be able to continue with the subjugation of the nonwhites. This is time for justice, equality and freedom for the people who were deprived.

Whites were able to subjugate others because of being taught to view Native Americans and Blacks as savage, sub-human and heathen. This made them justify themselves in failing to recognize all the citizens in the country as equal, knowing that their original seal should have a pillar of fire inside the cloud that beams down on Moses. The original seal gives Americans a picture of their future if it fails to do justice to Native Americans and the black slaves. America says that it wants renewal and change, but it must be able to deal with the basis of the countries woes. It must evolve its limited vision of founding fathers and then repudiate that vision or say she believes in founding fathers true vision and there will be no respect of darker people and equals in the nation.

Integration does not bring true freedom, equality and justice to former American slaves because of a lack of proper motivation and not in harmony with the mandate of that time. The integration needed should not result in anything in the economic advancement of people. Honourable Muhammad said that he would show how to better relations between White and Black and how to achieve it. Black people have to get knowledge of themselves and how to make them worthy of being respected and make the places where they live decently. When Blacks do something for themselves, they will be able to earn self-respect and respect for other people and better relations with people who see them as an unwanted burden in society.

Black people should not be on trying to force themselves into the White people communities. White men who have self-respect do not want to see Blacks with their women, and it is better to leave their girls and women alone in order to have good race relations. Some Blacks have false love for white women or false love with White men. Some want a woman of former slave master because he accessed their women freely and want a white man because he has great power.

True love should go beyond race and colour because people who have interracial relations have true love and do not act out of the fantasy that is corrupted. When people are healed from moral, spiritual and mental sicknesses, they are able to see across racial lines and see the worth and true value of one another. However, what needs to be done first is to heal the deadly disease of the supremacy of the whites and the inferiority of the blacks in order to change the political culture. There must be somebody to stand and speak for the voiceless who have weak or quiet leadership.