Current Health Crisis as a Result of the COVID-19

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Durkheim’s functionalism theory of society asserts that societies are structures with many parts that are interlinked together and work synergistically to meet the social and biological expectations of their members. Such a model, according to Durkheim, can guide anthropologists to get a clear understanding of the established norms, behaviors, and systems that support the functioning of the targeted community. The current health pandemic affecting the global community is unprecedented and has exposed the gaps in different health care sectors. The coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory medical condition that continues to affect millions of people in different parts of the world. Experts have identified it as a highly infectious disease caused by a new virus that had not been discovered before. Currently, the global society is trying to find new ways of tackling this pandemic and ensuring that more lives are safeguarded. The involved professionals continue to focus on evidence-based approaches to deliver positive results.

The consideration of Durkheim’s functionalism theory can guide these researchers to identify why COVID-19 has spread very fast and identify additional measures to deal with it. First, this model encourages scholars to examine every society from the nature of the established systems and processes that work together. Using the lens of COVID-19, it is notable that the global community has become more interdependent than ever before. These developments are capable of increasing the chances of spread and infection. Those involved can apply this knowledge to encourage people to make their societies more sustainable and self-sufficient. This model will support local economies and ensure that emerging diseases, such as COVID-19, do not spread across borders. Using the same theory, professionals can encourage members of communities to consider new ways of becoming more productive and ensure that they do not depend on international travel or supplies to achieve their economic aims. Healthcare professionals will also have to utilize this theory to address issues to do with people’s health experiences in the future. Such an approach will overcome or prevent another pandemic and a potential economic crisis.