Information Systems: Internet Security in a Corporation

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The IS function of security for any organization, particularly in an online business organization, is to manage risk, whether real or perceived. IS in context with the risk management provides the tools to help the developers decide between inaction and action-to enable you to compare the losses incurred with inaction to the cost of actions taken to reduce, mitigate, or transfer risks, but security does not exist in a vacuum, to be beneficial, it must fall in line with the goals and direction of the business. Without security, your company can lose revenue, but with too much security, you can increase your operating costs. The goal of security risk management is to find the balance between these two areas.


Encryption is an effective measure to protect confidential data over network resources on the internet. Accordingly, the prevailing opinion holds that the problems of cybersecurity can best be approached from the bottom up, and by encouraging self-reliance at the neighborhood, industry, and governmental levels. Shell, for instance, has created a group-wide TCP/IP network. Better practices include openness and sharing, and the building of trust. In the international organizations’ area, Europol has found that it cannot effectively tackle crime committed with the use of computers without trust between that it useful, have not worked very well yet. On the other hand, the electronic crime branch of the US Secret Service has found that coordination in small groups with law enforcement, private industry, and academia have worked well.

Firewall Security and DDOS attacks

Commission on cybercrime demonstrated that there is a need for increased consensus between the private sector, governments, and law enforcement officials to find the best means to counter hackers, computer virus spreaders, denial of service attacks, and use of the internet for illicit purposes. Not only IT companies but also all companies who do business over the Internet have a vital interest in promoting the best form and degree of security and regulation. Firewall – an effective means to keep out unauthorized use of the internet prevents targeted users to access the sensitive financial information of a company. On the other hand, the company’s information that is kept in the local servers is vulnerable to various DDOS attacks.

Wireless Networks and Virus Defenses

Wireless networks in their default configurations are insecure and can provide an immoral person with easy entry into a network in an attempt to either access unauthorized systems or to “steal” bandwidth. The developer can keep a full account of security on the client as well as server-side by regular security measures and monitoring, identifying vulnerabilities, finding the correct software patches, downloading the code, installing the security update in the right sequence in accordance with the application version and validating effective installation.