Politics: Conflict, Cooperation, and Governments

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Shalom suggests that the word science in political science reflects the belief by some that the political world can be studied in the same manner as the physical world that just as physicists have discovered formulas to express the relationship between physical phenomena and so too will political scientists find formulas that explain the political phenomenon. The author further goes to imply skeptically that just as scientists are able to predict phenomena and processes in physics accurately, so too will the knowledge of political science allow us to foretell political events. However, skeptics counter this possibility by saying that the laws of politics cannot be arrived at.

It must be remembered that politics is the sum result of the interactions of different people, and people may react predictably at certain times. The goal of politics is to find a means and path out of conflict and not to encourage conflict. However, as per the censored stories for 2009, ‘#2 Security and prosperity partnership: militarized NAFTA’ shows that conflict and its resolution are the main goals of politics but unfortunately, the events lead to an escalation in the conflict. Politics does involve some element of cooperation with a number of entities working to meet a common goal. This is seen in the report ‘#3 InfraGard: The FBI Deputizes Business’. As per this report, the FBI has attempted to enroll more than 23,000 representatives of the private industry who are working clandestinely with the FBI and the department of homeland security – DHS to collect and provide information on fellow Americans. In return, members of this group called InfraGard to obtain secret warnings of terrorist threats before the public and at a time before elected officials, and there is a movement to bring in the total information awareness program. It would be difficult to call this a political move and deals more with national security, handling terror threats, and protecting the lives of people.

Therefore, politics does involve cooperation, either voluntary or forced. The question of politics and government involvement is not always true since politics would be played out in boardrooms, among people, friends, and colleagues, and in everyday interactions. However, politics assume a larger-than-life form when governments are involved. The report ‘#6 The homegrown terrorism prevention act’ is a reminder that politics does not always involve governments. Though the act was brought in to curtail and put an end to US citizens who have turned into terrorists, the act of turning involved their own personal views and was not exactly forced by the government.