Windows 7 Operating System’s New Features

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Windows 7’s primary feature is its improved graphics, which made the given OS better looking. Another key feature is the fact that Windows 7 provided a much smoother experience to its users compared to previous versions, such as Windows Vista or Windows XP. In addition, Windows Defender in Windows 7 was significantly improved due to the fact that it provided maximum security from various malware. Thus, a typical user preferred Windows 7, because it had better graphics and performance without lags, and it also gave the user protection from internet viruses.

Most settings are in one place, and changes are made in just a few clicks. Moreover, in order to help the user remotely (for example, by phone), users don’t need to explain how to edit text configuration files, ask to put a few checkmarks in the required fields. It can be understood that there is such a thing as a registry that allows users to change much more parameters. Working in it scares inexperienced users, but users can always make a .reg file with corrections.

The set of software is unlimited due to the fact that almost anyone can write under Windows. Moreover, for some programmers, it can be easier to bungle a small utility by themselves than to look for a suitable program. Under Windows, they write to everyone who is not lazy. However, there is a flip side to the coin – the quality of the written software often leaves much to be desired.