Personal Online Learning Environment and Culture

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An online learning environment entails the conveyance of information electronically. It is essentially a computer-based and network-supported technology that enables the transfer of knowledge and skills, which include web-based, computer-based, digital collaboration, and virtual classroom actions. I have adopted a learning environment that uses a computer that is network-supported, simply Internet-based design. It has two main components. The first one consists of graphics, online texts, and multimedia.

The other component entails tools for collaboration and discussion. It entails performing many classwork and activities congruent to what is done in class. Online learning enables me to examine course modules, read postings and messages by email and course outlines. The online environment using the Internet enables me to read and study various information downloaded from the Internet. The technique involves collaboration with other students in discussions and readings via email and chat rooms. I am able to ask questions, receive answers, and submit assignments online. The system is set in such a way that I am able to socialize online with other students.

The culture of online learning is particularly fascinating because it enables me to do virtually what is done in the classroom. The technology enables me to attend class, research and read information, participate in the class talk, and even collaborate with fellow students. I do not need to log on to my computer at the same time as my instructor. The online learning tool tracks all the postings that are reading and the ones pending. It informs me of the pages I visited while examining the course. The technology keeps one abreast with the necessary information. One can access the class teachings any time and work at one’s own convenience. It saves on resources, especially on transport and movement.