Rowe’s Theistic View vs. Personal Idea of God

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At least once, any person becomes obsessed with a thought about God’s existence, look, abilities, and intentions. Some people believe in his powers and goal to support and control people and provide opportunities that challenge and encourage them. Philosophers like Rowe introduce God as an independent creator or a supernatural, omnipotent, omniscient, and self-existent being. I cannot disrespect or question the offered ideas and approaches. Still, I can develop my vision of God and share it regarding my beliefs.

One of my interpretations of the idea of God is based on gender. People like to think that it is a man with specific abilities to lead and decide. Nowadays, the role of women has been reshaped, and it is normal to think that God might be a female with a tendency to give birth, take care, and enhance growth. It is wrong to be gender-biased in discussing the impact of God and religion in human life.

Another important aspect of my discussion is the evaluation of God’s abilities and the connection with the world. I want to believe that God is the one who belongs to humans only. If I accept the idea of Rowe that God is “separate from and independent of the world”, many questions could arise. It is possible to consider the immense size of the universe and the presence of different creatures outside the Earth. I do not want to think that my heaven, where God waits for people, could be inhabited by a variety of life forms. Therefore, I would like to believe that God is dependent on our world and can be recognized in various details.

Finally, my imagination provides me with an opportunity to think about God as something unique and personal. Every human deserves the right to be connected with God, either he or she is a monk, killer, parent, or ordinary student. God is something that is inside of a person, a conscience, or faith. God may not have a shape but be present to support people in case of an emergency. Such ambiguity and variety serve as the main reasons to prove that my idea of God could be better than one of Rowe’s. People should have the right to choose, and definitions must not enchain but encourage.