“My Homework” Poem by Michael Rawlinson

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The poem “My Homework” by Michael Rawlinson is direct, candid, and depicts a majority of students nowadays. It shows a challenged student who accepts easy from difficult tasks or assignments. It is very notable that he is one student who dislikes doing homework. In fact, he admits that whenever he does his homework, it is always wrong, which could be pathetic. So much like many students I know, including me, he has his revved-up moments as well as down moments when no matter how much the student tries, working lags and is slow. There are also times that the homework is done in a speedy manner, and still, it causes a negative emotion to the student. The poem is easily identifiable among students, in secondary school or even in higher education. Homework and education have become such a necessity it has become a tribulation.

Many students, although they are aware of the necessity of learning, also acknowledge the difficult ride and travel in the learning process. And still, the poem depicts the struggle because, in the end, the poet admits to feeling inept and abnormal if he failed to tackle his homework, as much as getting an education.

This poem is one of my favorites because it is quite humorous and simple, describing exactly what millions of students experience every day after school. When students are supposed to retire after a hard day of learning and sometimes working in order to afford our education, we have to struggle to finish until late at night or early in the morning tasks assigned to us, and we hardly have a choice in western countries where freedom is championed.