Human Mind vs. Computer Thinking & Artificial Intelligence

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The human mind is a subject of many philosophical debates and a topic of interest for psychologists and cognitive scientists. Different faculties comprise the mind, including thinking, perception, imagination, and consciousness. Therefore, it can be used as a tool for achieving different goals. By thinking, we may generate new ideas and solve problems. By perceiving in specific ways, we may understand information differently. And by using our imagination, we can facilitate the creative thinking process. The human mind is not limitless in its abilities; however, it is sometimes subject to disorders that may disrupt all processes and confine its owner.

Computers have surpassed the human brain in some domains. They can do billions of calculations per second and are invaluable tools in science and engineering, the corporate sector, and personal lives. They are better at making calculations and storing and searching through enormous amounts of information due to powerful processors and large storage capacities. Some activities, however, cannot be done by computers yet and may never be. Humans, for instance, are better at making decisions because the thinking process is guided by several abstract concepts we refer to as common sense, intuition, and life experience. Certain traits humans possess, such as creativity, inspiration, and imagination, are not yet built into computers. All could change, however, with the advent of genuine Artificial Intelligence.

The primary purpose of AI is to impart thinking and reasoning capabilities to computers. AI, today, can not only replace a person in the workplace, which many people fear but also help humanity as a whole. Modern AI, which absorbs information and learns much faster than humans, is already able to identify diseases in the early stages, preventing them or recognizing the development of epidemics. A few minutes are enough for the computer to scan the tests and determine the ailment, whereas a person would need hours or even days to perform this operation. Some implementations can recognize the faces of people, analyzing their moods, thereby helping law enforcement agencies to identify criminals. People will need to be careful with AI, but renouncement is not a solution.