Sex and Gender in “Sociology” by Macionis and Gerber

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Various social aspects define individuals. The gender and age discipline is the defining unit among age sets within the community. However, gender roles are key aspects of a traditional society, with women accorded the lowest positions within the societal task completion. In the book, there is a depiction of nature that society limits the equality between men and women. The women in society are considered to be weak sex and are allocated to lesser functions. When referring to most aspects of society, individuals often consider the sex topic. The activities within the social setting are diverse and require particular consideration when being categorized. This paper analyzes the sex and gender concept in relation to the book Sociology by Macionis and Gerber.

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Sex is the entity that defines males from females. It is considered to be a biological entity in relation to human species. Through sex, humanity is capable of procreating and bearing new offspring. In the procreation entity, there are preferences that individuals articulate when the issue of attractiveness is involved. Sexual orientation is an individual’s preference in selecting a male or an email as a mating partner (Gerber and Macionis, 193). Heterosexuality is the characteristic that individuals experience deciding to mate with different sex partners. This is the only method that an offspring can be produced to mature in society. Research has articulated that heterosexuality depends on the biological components that individuals accord from their parents. However, sexuality is a sensitive component in the individual’s development in society. Bruce had had an accident in his circumcision ritual that made him lose his identity as a male.

Sex is defined by the genital parts that individuals have, and some religions articulate David’s case to feminism. It is necessary to link the identity of an individual to his/her sexual characteristics, and develop a proper sense of belonging to the sex. He had undergone several surgical procedures to transform him into a girl, but these failed because his instincts wanted to embrace his male sexuality (David Reimer n. p.).

Gender is defined as the characteristic and social rank that social individuals link to the nature of being male/female. Gender involves the sensitive topics involved in inequality, with a majority of the males dominating more stable positions within the society. Sociologists analyze the concept of social stratification when the topic under discussion involves gender roles. Taking into consideration gender roles, analysts have developed concepts that were used to analyze individuals’ regarding their physical appearance, as society moves to less conservative states. In the modern century, women participate in roles that were initially meant for their male counterparts (Gerber and Macionis, 322).

Gender roles are used to identify female/male roles in society. Reimer tried to adapt to the roles of the females but found more interesting living as a male. Though his gender role as a male had been limited, he found the need to create a family. Gender roles make individuals comfortable within the societal setting, with the man taking most responsibility in creating a comfortable family life setting. Reimer could no longer bear children due to the misfortune he had faced when a child. The depression he faced in failing to satisfy his gender roles eventually led to his demise when he committed suicide.


Both sex and gender are entities that define male and female beings. They analyze the nature of the behavior and roles of individuals in society. Men and women share similar roles in modern society, and soon, the traditional roles of male/female will be depleted.

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