Sociotechnical Design Approach to Information Systems

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As the name suggests, the sociotechnical design implies the application of social principles when planning and developing software applications. Designing information systems that incorporate both the social and technical elements is vital because it enables easy integration of these information systems into the operations of an organisation. As technology becomes more critical for people’s daily lives and businesses, it is vital to design information systems that are easy to use. The benefit of sociotechnical design approach is in the emphasis on the importance of considering the relationship between the employees and technology within an organisation. In essence, this strategy recognises that people interact with technology and highlights the need to consider these interactions when designing the software. The aim is to ensure efficiency and more effective implementation of information processing strategies.

Within this structure, the following components are considered – task, people, structure, and roles. In general, by using the sociotechnical design approach organisations develop information systems tailored towards a specific task, making the operations more efficient. One can argue that designing software without regard to human behaviour is a flawed approach. In general, enterprises employ people with varying levels of technical knowledge, meaning that some individuals may struggle with using programs that have a sophisticated design, which requires an in-depth understanding of information technology principles. Hence, in the framework of sociotechnical design, the human behaviour and specifics of a society are considered. Overall, the aim of the sociotechnical design is to achieve effective performance by designing the interactions between employees and technology in a way that considers the specifics of social behaviour. This approach allows businesses to improve their efficiency and incorporate technology solutions more effectively.