Suitors’ Behavior Towards Telemakhos, Odysseus, Eumaios

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The behavior of the suitors appears to be too harsh when it came to Telemakhos in the disguise story. The suitors don’t seem to cope with anything they think is not casual. This is evidenced by when Odysseus goes back to his own house and experiences rowdy behavior. In addition, the suitors treat others who seem to be curious and ready to explore the different lifestyles and circumstances with so much fear and questions. The suitors seem to be the local majority whose lively hood depends on daily works. They are more opposed to any changes that one may make on the natural human appearances and also on the natural happenings. For this reason, they treat Telemakhos and Odysseus so ruthlessly for trying o impose natural changes.

The behavior of the Suitors flaunted the gods by opposing even the natural happenings. The god’s power is based even on the present changes such as movement and day-night phenomena, but the suitors seemed to oppose any activity that they did not easily analyze. The suitors also seemed to decline the powers of the gods since they criticized each and every happening. They seemed to oppose all the Phaeacian’s activities and therefore showing a lack of recognition of the gods.

The gods are viewed to be important and powerful in the community, and therefore anyone who does not show respect and recognition of their power must be punished. The suitors are the most affected when it comes to critic and lack of belief. For this reason, they ought to be punished. The punishments that can be imposed on the suitors may include a lack of assistance from the individual who seems to be the agents of the gods. This assistance refers to support on the basic requirements of life.