University Students Dataset Analysis

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From the data given, the age of the students would be the variables since variables represent data that cannot be measured empirically. The cases would be the qualification entry requirements to the university since it is the subject matter of the analysis, and unlike the age of the students, it can be measured empirically.

Student numberQualification on entry to UniversityScore in Quantitative skills testDegree CourseAge
1Overseas 19BABS 14
2A levels etc 19BABM 13
3A levels etc 18BABS 8
4HE award 23BABM 11
5A levels etc 20BScBIT 10
6A levels etc 22BAMBI 7
7A levels etc 19BAIBL 13
8A levels etc 19BABS 11
9A levels etc 32BABS 11
10Other 28BABSPT 4
11HE award 31BABSPT 6
12Access/Foundation 29BABIMF 8
13Access/Foundation 25BABS 10
14Overseas 26BABS 10
15Other 23BAIBL 15

The data above can be used to answer the following two questions:
a. Are students between the age of 11 – 12 years qualified to join the university through the A levels requirements?
b. Is it true that the majority of the students who possess A levels requirements have chosen to take BABS degree courses?