The Impact of Communication and Information Technologies on Business Development

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Communication technology is a new development to deliver, store or transmit information through electronic or graphic use in our transforming world. Information technology on the other hand as defined by the Information Technology Association of American (2010) is ‘the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information system, particularly software application and computer hardware. Exchange or relay of information through electronic gadgets is known as telecommunication. Internet is a convenient telecommunication method and is a search engine for all forms of information.

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New Technology for Communication

Technology has improved communication between people of different cultures who speaks different languages to understand one another and work together efficiently all around the world. New technology has enhanced communication between the deaf and the hearing. A company based in Connecticut has developed an artificial device that makes it simple for the deaf and normal people to communicate well without a problem. This device called an interpreter is just as effective and helpful and technologically advanced that it has revolutionized the way people communicate with the physically handicapped. This interpreter is capable of translating almost simultaneously as people communicate with each other. This is great and important to the helpful communication of people.

Communication has played a fundamental role in the improvement of the business organization globally. The new technique of communication has been implemented due to demand in communication. That demand has catapulted so much growth in the industry and players have reaped so much in monetary gains from this sector. Also, governments have invested in the sector with the hope of continued burgeoning of economies and with the realization that it has become a part of the life of every person.

Impact of Communication Technology in Healthcare

People can now access health information through the internet and get advice from trustworthy sources on how to stay healthy. New communication technology has increased health care facilities. Medical education through the net is now available where a patient can access information on how to improve their health.

Longley and Shain (1985) find that due to technology high-tech machines have been developed e.g. laparoscopic techniques where surgeons have an opportunity to enhance their skills without the risk of a patient also a cardiovascular disease simulator used for cardiac condition patients. Technology has revolutionized the way people view healthcare and also brought on board more sane ways of dealing with the problem. This has made it even easier for people to access healthcare which may have been a problem. Also, more technical diseases are easier to treat nowadays with the improvement noted in the health sector. Communication has also continued to give more room for openness and more rights crusading by voicing oppressions by medics and other stakeholders.

Efficiency and Effectiveness of Communication Technology

According to the University of Phoenix Technology has improved communication in academic institutions where the installation of the internet in the libraries and digital textbooks are being used to educate students. The fact that people can learn and work away from offices has increased income to beneficiaries because they do not have to incur extra expenses this has led to an improved economy (Longley and Shain, 1985).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication Technology

Technology has made communication faster and convenient, people can get into contact whenever and with whomever. Conducting business wherever you are is also convenient.

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A disadvantage of communication is that you are not sure whether the message delivered will be received by the intended recipient so it poses insecurity of information as reliably noted by Longley and Shain (1985). Telecommunication has led to the insecurity of confidential information of the organization and those of countries. This threat has made it hard for companies that have sensitive information to shy away from unless reliably guaranteed the safety of their data. This is a great setback to growth in the sector.

Impact of Communication Technology on Consumers

A study has shown that new technology has changed man’s way of living. People can conduct business orders at home through telephones. Through social networking people from all over the world can now communicate. News delivery is faster and efficient and in a broader way through the internet. The public can access music and other entertainment programs through the internet (Longley and Shain, 1985).

Financial Impact of Communication Technology in Organizations

Technology has reduced the need for manpower in organizations which has led to a reduction of finances in an organization. The cost of training an employee in organizations has increased due to the new development of technology. Business people can open brunches globally and network them where the owner will be conducting his business and monitor them through a server, this has reduced the cost of doing business. If there could be an improvement in air transport to reduce the cost of traveling by use of air transport. These will help the poor to access the required treatments from professionals all over the world as noted by the Information Technology Association of America (2010) which commissioned the research.


Telecommunication has led to improvement in business. Moreover, there is comfort and enjoyment when using electronic gadgets that are sources of entertainment. A world without technology is difficult to live in and more improvement in technology will be most welcome by the human race according to the Information Technology Association of America (2010).


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